ASK A BEAUTY EDITOR: What Products do you Actually BUY?!

Cat, Hannah, Phoebe and I all weigh in. Read on!
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May 24, 2012
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It's no secret that as beauty editors, we get most of the products we write about for free. Here are the ones we buy with our own cash.

Cat Marnell, Beauty and Health Director

Cat buys

1. M.A.C False Lashes, $15: Cause I can't put 'em on myself.

2. Clairol Shimmer Lights, $9: "Cat declined to comment because this product speaks for itself" --JULIE

Julie Schott, Assistant Beauty Editor

I'll never lie about loving a beauty product, but that doesn't mean I paid for it. Of everything I've tried, these are the indispensable items that I continue to buy year after year.


1. Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation, $65: I can smooth this stuff over a full face of acne and fool everyone into thinking I have clear, flawless skin. Never cakey or flat, Giorgio Armani Foundation delivers a Kardashian-quality complexion.

2. Latisse, $120 for a month supply: I have a nasty habit of pulling on my lashes when I'm stressed and they've thinned considerably over the years. Unlike non-prescription lash-boosting solutions, Latisse is clinically proven so you don't have to worry about wasting your money on lackluster results.

3. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes, $5.99: I love and use a number of different face wipes, but these are the ones I'll buy the morning after an unplanned sleepover every time.

Hannah Johnson, Associate Beauty Editor

The products I refill whenever they run out are...

Hannah's things

1. Dior's Diorshow Iconic, $29 mascara. It's my favourite of the Dior mascaras and one of the few mascaras out there that actually makes my teeny lashes look long and lovely.

2. I also always try to have cans of Batiste Dry Shampoo, $5 on hold. The Blush scent is my favourite but any will do. I like to have a big can for at home and the mini ones for my bag.

3. Joe Fresh's matte lipsticks, $6 and their nail polishes, $4 always end up getting bought by me too. They make really great on-trend colours that are super affordable.

4. I will also always, always buy Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion, $17 whenever it runs out. Aside from a good SPF, it is my desert island product. I apply it to any budding pimples every night and in the morning they're gone.

Phoebe Frangoul, Fashion and Beauty Editor for xoJane UK

I am notoriously frugal, but counter-intuitively this means that when I do make a purchase, I will happily spend more to ensure I get the best quality, most effective product for the job. That is why every few months I grit my teeth, open my purse, wait for the moths to fly out and buy…

Phoebe's picks

1. Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator, $38

This pale pink gel is the softest exfoliator I have ever tried. I gently rub it on my face when I’m in the shower and my skin feels like -- I kid you not -- velvety rose petals. I use a small blob about twice a week and it lasts for months. It smells like Turkish Delight too – what more do you want?

2. Agent Provocateur eau de Parfum, $82

For years I’ve worn Agent Provocateur’s classic eau de parfum, because I love everything about it from the faintly erotic powder-pink porcelain bottle to the unashamedly feminine notes of rose oil, jasmine, amber and musk. It also reminds me of my time as an AP girl (no-one folds knickers or tightens a corset better than I do.)

3. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil, $2 and Kohl Pencil, $2

Rimmel is my favourite high street beauty brand and two products I repeat buy are the eyebrow pencil and kohl pencil, simply because they have good, strong pigments, go on nicely and are cheap. Enough said.

4. Lancôme Galatéis Douceur Cleansing Fluid

I inherited my love for Lancôme Galatéis Douceur cleansing fluid from my mum and while I’ve tried many alternatives -- fancy ones, cheapo ones, oils, wipes, you name it -- I always sheepishly return to this milk-like cleanser. It’s incredibly gentle even on my pathetically sensitive eyes and considering the amount of eye make-up I wear, that’s pretty crucial. It has my lifelong, undying devotion, even though I do occasionally fall into bed without taking off my make-up *shocker*.

Julie is on Twitter @JR_Schott.