Are You A Nail Polish Matcher?

Are you one of those people who gets all matchy-matchy with their polish shades?
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May 17, 2012
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Way back in the day, it was kind of a thing for women to match their nail polish and their lipstick. Many brands like Avon and Revlon would make coordinating shades for lips and tips (ew, I can't believe I just typed that) so that women could look perfectly put together with their colour selection.

A vintage Revlon ad repping "Cherries in the Snow" matching lipstick and polish (the lipstick is still available to this day. Great red.)

There have been times when I've matched my nails to my polish. Joe Fresh's "Poppy" matte lipstick (one of my favourite shades) perfectly matches their "Poppy" nail polish. But beyond that, there's a way of taking it further. What about matching your nail polish to the vibrant colour of your hot pink high heels? Or creating nail art with a pattern that replicates that of the one found on your skirt?

On Saturday night I went to a retro beach-themed party thrown by Toronto fashion magazine WORN Journal, and wanted my outfit to be perfectly coordinated, right down to my nails. So, I gave myself a manicure that perfectly matched my lime green, high-waisted vintage Wranglers. Mixing a few shades, I painted my nails the perfect tone of green and then added a vintage vibe by brushing my ring fingers with white polka dots with L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Lacquer in White ($1.99,

Werkin' longer nails.

My very bright pants and the nails they inspired.

I don't plan on continuing this tradition regularly (it's a little too time-consuming for everyday and I usually throw my outfits together a few minutes before stepping out the door anyway), but I think it's fun for parties.

What do you think, xoJaners? Too much, or awesome?

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