Are These New Designer Brushes Easier To Use Than Basic Brushes?

Let's just say I think I'm in love.
Publish date:
May 20, 2014

You know that saying, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”? (I’m not sure the phrasing of the actual saying, but I am quoting Joni Mitchell.) Well, anyway, the saying is true. Specifically when referring to a functioning dominate hand. I recently sliced the pinky on my right hand in half while washing an unknowingly broken glass (oops), and life pretending to be a lefty is a STRUGGLE.

While I’m happy to pass on uninteresting tasks like washing the evil dishes and vacuuming to my boyfriend, there are some things I like to do that are simply more difficult with my injury. Like, for instance, brushing my hair. (I’m hoping no one notices.)

But, really. The beauty routine has suffered a bit with only two to three functioning fingers on my right hand. But, lucky for me, just before I butchered myself, I got ahold of a few of some new designer makeup brushes that are changing my freaking life. They are a new line of makeup brushes from Artis that have not only made my beauty routine easier and more efficient than when using my old cheapie brushes, but they’ve also made it more luxurious.

The fibers on these brushes are newly engineered by Artis, have three to ten times more individual fibers than an average makeup brush and they're completely man-made and cruelty free. Plus, the tilted shape and grip of the handle makes them easy to hold and easy to use, because the brush feels comfortable in both hands, and because the magical fibers do all the work for you.

The first brush I tried was their largest brush, the Artis Elite Oval 10 ($62), which boasts 250,000 individual fibers (!). It’s used for applying powder or highlighter to the face or body. I love this brush for applying my setting powder after foundation -- any cakey or uneven powdery texture I used to experience with my old brushes is eliminated with this one. And the best part, for my current state, is that I don’t need to put my wrist into it, or any other crazy hand movements, cause the fibers take care of everything for me.

I also tried out the Elite Linear 1 ($25) and the Elite Circle 1R ($24). The Circle 1R brush provides “soft yet focused application and blending,” meaning it can be used for targeted small areas. I used it to apply eyeshadow to my crease (I love a good crease application) and blending this area was easier than it has ever been. Highly recommended for those of you constantly sporting a smoky eye, if you want to cut your time in half. The Linear 1 is their smallest narrow brush for applying thin lines like eyeliner or eyebrows. I’m in love. My old cream eyeliner applicator used to constantly stab me in my eye while I muttered “beauty is pain” to myself -- but all of that is eliminated with the Linear 1. It produces a clean, even line that I can’t stop staring at!

And last but not least, Artis developed a patented cleaning system which is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Instead of soap and water and lots of labor and air drying, these brushes can be cleaned with a foaming cleanser and antimicrobial-treated microfiber cloth. You basically squirt some cleaning foam on the microfiber cloth, and rub the brush against the cloth. It comes clean so easily and beautifully, I almost cried.

Artis has a whole line and range of shapes and sizes of their brushes, so if you have a specific need that I haven’t covered, I’m sure they can take care of you. I really can’t boast about these babies enough. Sometimes I just rub my Elite Oval 10 on my face when I’m not applying makeup -- so soft.

Do you have a line of makeup brushes you swear by? Tell me all.