Stop Drying Your Hair With a Regular Old Towel and Get on My Level

Are you still drying your hair with a bath towel? GET OUTTA HERE.
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December 16, 2014
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Towels are serious business in my family. When I moved out of my childhood home as a wee adult-child hybrid, my parents sent me on my way with two things: an admonishment to "Be safe!" and a set of towels monogrammed with my initials.

I of course immediately disregarded any and all advice regarding my personal safety, but a large number of years later, those towels my parents gifted me have kept on truckin'. While half of them were stolen from the laundromat (who steals monogrammed towels?!), the remaining ones are still perfectly useable -- albeit kind of threadbare and more than a little dingy.

The fact that my parents didn't skimp on cost when it came to those towels made me aware that sometimes, you kinda DO get what you pay for. So I really sweated replacing them, spending weeks deeming endless displays of towels in 20+ stores as "just not good enough" until I finally ended up buying a 30 piece matched set (I'm talking bath towels, bath sheets, hand towels and washcloths) of these Lacoste towels in "fandango pink," because I am a grown woman who follows Barbie on Twitter.

If they last me even half as long as the set my family gifted me, I'll be in a senior living home when the time comes to replace them.

But these fancy new towels are most definitely not meant for drying my hair. No way, no sir, no how. I'm of the opinion that really, absolutely NO bath towel is good enough for your precious hair. Rubbing your hair dry with a regular old bath towel is a fast track to frizzy, damaged hair -- as the terrycloth texture causes friction and roughs up your hair cuticles, which = frizz.

Plus, if you are a gal who likes to put her hair up while she gets ready and does her makeup, the weight of a regular old bath towel on your head can cause breakage around the roots -- resulting in all those super short hairs you get around your hairline. (A regular old bath towel is also wayyyyy too heavy to stay securely on your head, and is constantly slipping down as you go about your morning business. #Tragedy.)

So what's a girl to do? Use a special microfiber hair towel, duh!

Mind you, I'm not talking about the proliferation of lame-o "twisty" hair towels and turbans out there, as much as I love my "As Seen on TV" products. There is only one original microfiber hair towel, and it's made by Aquis. They are smooth as silk, completely gentle to your hair, and I've been buying them for years, well before all those imitators were but a sparkle in someone's eye. There really is no hair towel out there that compares. I splurged on a new set of them when I replaced my bath towels, and now I'm in love with them all over again.

Aquis hair towels are superior to literally all other hair towels because of their incredible water-sucking ability. They cut hair drying time in half and don't cause any bends or dents in your hair. I mean, you could almost throw your hair dryer in the trash and just use an Aquis towel instead!

The Aquis towel can be used by both curly and straight-haired babes with the same degree of success -- and I can vouch for the fact that it allows my stick-straight hair to air-dry with absolutely ZERO tangles or snarls. I also find that I need way less leave-in-conditioner when I dry my hair using one.

The Aquis hair towels also hold in all that water they are sucking out of your hair quite handily -- while regular terrycloth "hair turbans" get soaking wet almost instantly and allow water to run down the back of your neck as you are doing your makeup and getting dressed. Once it's wet, the towel dries completely within about 20 minutes, making it perfect for travel and gym use. (Traveling with your own personal hair towel = height of luxury.)

I own both the regular Aquis hair towel and turban version, and it's a toss up as to which I like better. The sad truth is that I find a combo of both towels is pure hair-drying perfection. After washing my hair, I use the full-size Aquis towel to do an initial dry, taking care not to rub my hair too vigorously -- simply pressing or squeezing the excess water out of your hair will do. Then I put my hair up in the turban version and go about my getting-ready business. Once I'm dressed and made up, I take it off, finger-brush my hair, and it's practically bone-dry, full of slight beachy-looking body and 100% ready to rock.

Even if you think buying a special towel to dry your hair with sounds insane, you still shouldn't stoop to using a regular old bath towel. Simply stalk the aisles of your local automotive store for a multi-purpose super-absorbent towel for almost half the price, or just do what curly-haired girls the world over have been doing for years: wrap your wet hair up in an old T-shirt and be done with it.

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