The Skincare Products I'm Currently Using To Stave Off A Birthday Freakout

I may be turning 38 but I'll be damned if I'm going to look like it.
Publish date:
October 29, 2013
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Thursday is my birthday and somehow I'm turning 38 years old. I swear I was in my twenties (and working at Jane mag) like two seconds ago -- though at least I'm working for Ms. Pratt again! Hell, I still have a lot of teenage tendencies (see: penchant for CW shows and YA novels.)

Though I did make the very adult choice to read Donna Tartt's "The Goldfinch" before Veronica Roth's "Allegiant" even though the publishing powers-that-be tortured me by releasing them on the same day. ("The Goldfinch" is AWESOME so far, by the way. Anyone else reading it?)

But facts is facts and I'm closing in on 40 way faster than I'd like. And I'm pretty much freaking the eff out -- in a way that I never have before. When I turned 30, I was psyched. I felt like it gave me legitimacy, especially at work. 35 was a little anxiety-ridden, but mostly because I was missing NYC (living in LA) and at a job that wasn't satisfying.

However, this one is hitting me hard. I suddenly feel the need to get my ish together in age-appropriate ways that I haven't before. Now, I'm a grown-up. I live in a grown-up apartment and take care of all of my usual, boring adult stuff just fine.

But suddenly I need to just grow up and seriously deal on the health, fitness, beauty, fashion, home decor, organization, well, just about everything fronts in ways I feel a 38-year-old should (and you'll be hearing about much of it, I'm sure)! I always want to be young at heart, but I think I finally have to start accepting my age -- and maybe acting it, at least a little bit.

Being a beauty editor, I started with my face.

Now, I've never been a person who's totally neglectful of her skin. I've had the benefit of using lots of amazing products and I'm never without sun protection. But I'm also not the girl who's performed a nine-step ritual every night for a million years. My skin has never been problematic and there are still nights when I go without washing it. Those days are OVER. From now on, I'm going all in on making sure my skin NEVER, EVER looks my age. Vain? Yep. What I need for me? Also, yep.

Here are three things I'm currently trying to keep myself all young and supple and whatnot. (Note: This is not my entire skincare regimen.)

These are BioBliss patches. They make them for crow's feet and the forehead. The deal is that they use ion technology, like a micro-current that pushes the anti-wrinkle ingredients (like peptides and hyaluronic acid) deeper into the skin. It's kind of like how nicotine patches work. You just wash and dry your face, take the patches out of their individual packages and push them firmly onto the skin. They start working on pushing ingredients into your skin right away and you can wear them up to 12 hours. I wore mine for five yesterday -- you know, because why not?

I swear my lines were a little plumped up and less visible after (the photos weren't able to catch the difference/maybe I'm old and delusional). But there's no reason that the moisturizing ingredients like and tighteners like Moroccan Argan extract wouldn't have worked at least a little bit after five hours.

For best results though, they say to keep using once a week. And I plan on it. A one-month kit (four treatments) is $80, but that's a heck of a lot cheaper than a derm visit.

My next weapon (well combination of weapons) is one I've been using for a while -- the power duo of Sonya Dakar's Nutrasphere Flash Facial ($95) and Organic Omega Booster ($42).

Sonya is one of the premiere skin gurus in Los Angeles. I also like to call her the tough, Jewish Eastern European mother I never had. She tells it to you straight about your skin when you visit her skin clinic in Beverly Hills. But she's a total skin genius and when she says, "Jump!" I'm all, "How high?"

When I lived in LA, I was WAY lucky and was able to see her once a month for in-clinic treatments that included pumping oxygen into my skin, mild microdermabrasion, light glycolic peels, and Sonya's magic touch. I looked like 20-year-old me and it was glorious. This is why celebs like my fave Gwyneth have been going to see her for years and look like they never, ever age.

Obviously, this is not an option for most people due to cost and location, but I promise that Sonya's products are the real effing deal. The Flash Facial is my favorite because it's like a mini-visit to SD in a little bottle -- and you can use it every day if you want to.

It's a clear gel that you apply in a thin layer over your entire face. Let it sit for two or three minutes and then you massage it off at which point you will look something like this:

It instantly sloughs off your dead skin and cleans out impurities -- and it just FEELS so gratifying to rub it off. Your skin feels soft and smooth as soon as you're done rinsing off the remnants with warm water.

And you look like you just had a facial. I put on the Organic Omega Booster right after to hydrate. You only need the tiniest amount to cover your entire face. It's a serum but once you rub it in it doesn't feel greasy. You can either use your night cream after or apply sunscreen and then makeup if you use it in the morning.

My third little "don't freak out about your birthday, but use some skin products instead" weapon is a new one from one of my favorite lines, Clark's Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist ($45). I've been carrying this baby around in my bag since my friend Francesco, the company's founder, gave it to me earlier in the fall.

You can spritz it on whenever you're feeling dry and it hydrates without messing up your makeup -- plus its Swiss Apple Stem Cells work well for my anti-aging mission. I feel like we're going to be bffs as we head into the dry-ass winter weather.

What are your current anti-aging tricks? Is anybody else losing it over an upcoming birthday?