AFTERNOON BEAUTY QUICKIE: Happy Chinese New Year Soap!

Just DON'T wash with it today -- bad luck, babe.
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January 23, 2012
shoppables, Chinese New Year

Yo! So of course it is Chinese New Year and of course I forgot that was happening. But I do have a soap for you -- LUSH Red Dragon Soap!

Yes, it looks vaguely fetus-like and yes, it will probably even more so when it’s been dissolving in your bathtub for a few minutes, but what do you want from me? It’s shaped like a dragon and it costs a mere (fine, it’s not that cheap for a bar of soap) $7.95.

Now you all know the rules for Chinese New Year, right? Luckily I obey these rules practically every day: no washing your hair, no taking out trash or cleaning your house. Actually, I am doing all of these things today because I have to for social reasons, which is annoying. But what can you do.

That said, the copy on the Lush website is misleading: it talks about being nice and clean and taking a lovely shower, but you are NOT supposed to clean yourself today. Even if you see your pet cat licking its own paw or something, the right thing to do is beat it severely in the head. No, I am making that up.

ANYWAY! The year of the dragon is not supposed to be a particularly smooth one -- but again, at least for me, what else is new.

This little soap smells like Lush’s KARMA fragrance, which in turn smells like pine, patchouli and lavender -- hippie steez! I know you guys are all LUSH aficionados -- every time I write about them there’s a deluge of comments about the best products. I know the publicist, so why don’t you tell me what products to call in? And then maybe I’ll give some of them away…

Is anyone doing anything special tonight? I am going to a swaggy Adidas dinner party thing... XO

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