SCREW MAY FLOWERS: Moody Spring Makeup Tutorials Inspired by April Showers

Normally when you think “spring makeup,” you visualize bright pink lips and girly eye shadows. Booorriinnggg.
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February 25, 2015
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Normally when you think “spring makeup,” you visualize bright pink lips and girly eye shadows. Booorriinnggg. Let’s not forget that before May flowers are April showers — rainy days perfect for reading and sipping tea, or keeping calm and meandering through a museum with your boo. (If you do not enjoy those spring activities, you do not enjoy serenity.)

Fortunately, you can make a cosmetic change this spring without looking like an Easter egg, and bring a bit of foggy moodiness to your makeup. Think muted neutrals, calming pastels, and subtle cool tones that deliver both fresh and appropriately sleepy vibes. Just by writing this I’m tempted to throw my laptop across the room and snuggle under the covers with my Kindle . . . .

I was beyond thrilled to get my greedy paws on the new Laura Mercier Watercolour Mist palette containing two velvety blush shades and six Matte Sateen shadows inspired by the previously mentioned quiet rainy days. New makeup always inspires me to play, so I created a look using my favorite new products for spring. Oh, and this time I’m switching things up and pretending to be a beauty vlogger for a day.

I have to give YouTube beauty gurus some serious credit because this shit is hard! Noah could have built another arc in the time that it took me to put this video together. I’m new to the whole video editing thing, so go easy on me if you notice anything weird — a.k.a. when the color and sound changes between frames. I DON’T KNOW WHY THAT HAPPENED — HOW DO COMPUTERS WORK?? At least I tried. This makeup inspiration was too good not to share.

Now that that’s over, we can get all up in this Laura Mercier (and Marc Jacobs) business. I want to highlight some of my favorite products from this tutorial. First, stop and take a minute to appreciate some gorgeous packaging. I can’t even with these faux droplets on my Watercolour Mist Eye & Cheek palette.

Makeup swatches are basically beauty porn, so prepare to be aroused.

Fun fact: I recently purchased a “sun lamp” for better makeup application. Now I can see the true pigmentation of my products. Keep in mind that these eye shadow shades will appear smokier on lighter skin tones, and paler on darker skin. I never, ever, EVER reach for blue shadows, but I’m obsessed with these.

Every shadow creates a thin veil of color that can easily be built up. Applying both shades of blush creates a natural, daylight-friendly contour. Try to snatch up the limited edition Watercolour Mist palette before they’re gone (at the end of February), and join me in looking like a whimsical, misty sprite.

I use my Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colours as multi-purpose beauty tools. The darker shade above, “Nude Rose,” is my current favorite lip hue and doubles as a blush. Your new favorite shade is part of the Watercolour Clouds collection, as well as a permanent addition to Laura Mercier. “Golden Peach,” the bottom shade, is what I used as a highlighter in my video.

I am a self-proclaimed Marc Jacobs Beauty groupie, and this season’s new lip liners do not disappoint. Prim(rose) is the perfect Kylie Jenner shade I’ve been prowling the Earth for, and makes my lips look huge and delicious. The formula lasts all day and isn’t drying at all. I’m also really amazed by how creamy the Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks are (those have been around for a while; I’m late on the game) — they blend well with a finger alone and glisten. Not a speck of chunky glitter in sight!

I’m interested in finding out who would prefer this look to bright, girly shades for spring. Also, what do you guys think of the Marc Jacobs products? I teased a bunch of STUNNING new lipsticks for spring on Instagram — would you want to see some swatches?

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