The Most Glamorous Way to Fall On Your Face

Plus some obligatory, vaguely related makeup tips.
Publish date:
June 20, 2011
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I'll get to some good how-to-look-glowy-and-amazing-using-the-products-above tips in a second, but first, one of my favorite gossip items of recent memory, courtesy of The New York Post's Page Six and that hot bitch DVF:Fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg [Who is a friend of mine and an incredible girls' girl who used to try to set me up with guys that were much better for me than the guys I would pick on my own, so don't say anything bad about her in this post, Cat. Thank you. --Jane], still recovering from a broken nose and facial fractures suffered during a ski accident in Aspen last month, put on a brave face to be honored at Wednesday night's amfAR Gala at Cipriani Wall Street. Her husband, Barry Diller, related how an "idiot" knocked her down and, "there she was, lying in the snow with blood all around her, and her face had blown up like Quasimodo," adding that her first words were, "My cheekbones, my best feature!" "My cheekbones, my best feature!" HA. I friggin' love that. Seriously, in the moment of FALL, is there anything better that a cry of indignant, narcissistic outrage to distract people from the fact that you've totally busted your ass? I think not.

Example A: Me (decidedly not looking glamorous when I bit it in public)

A few months ago I was at this club Kenmare in Soho, wearing the new Alice + Olivia leather leggings that lace up on the sides and these clunky Givenchy shoes that I can't walk in, and so obviously I tripped and fell to my knees. Then I just sort of scrambled up and made my tragic little way to the bar for more champagne while the guy I was with snickered. Yeah, it sucked.

While my recovery was subtle enough, I understand now that what I should have done is screamed out, "OMIGOD, MY KNEES! MY KNEES! MY BEST FEATURE! MY BEST FEATURE!" And maybe thrown in, "I LEAVE FOR ASPEN TOMORROW -- THIS BETTER NOT AFFECT MY SKIING!" (to sound extra-continental).It's a diva move that makes you instantly ridiculously charming; I'm telling you. And sexy European women pull this shit off like no one else. Or is DVF South American? Whatever, she's beyond borders.

Obligatory vaguely-related makeup tips

Incidentally, if you too believe your cheekbones are your best feature, I've been really into this ultra-fine Mac Iridescent Powder in a baby pinky-beige moonbeam-y shade called Silver Dusk. I use a fluffy brush and sweep it over my cheekbones -- above where I apply blush -- to make them pop. This is especially great for looking deceptively glowy and lovely on hungover mornings, after those Lohan-esque nights when you've been tripping all over yourself like a moron. Just FYI.