WATCH CAT GET LASERED! Also: Dr. Dennis Gross The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to My Skin. EVER!

I went to most bananas skincare doctor in the entire world and YOU TOO can perform his dermatological magic tricks on yourself at home. I made a video of my appointment. WATCH!
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August 22, 2011
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OH. MY. LORD. So I have always been THE biggest fan of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, formerly known as M.D. Skincare, and in particular the man's absurdly fantastic at-home peels. Remember my article "The Adult Acne Diaries," when I told you how Dr. G's Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel was the best, most transformative and glowifying product evah? Read up if you need reminding.

So basically I went in to Dr. Gross's office after a night of sexy raging at some downtown nightclub or another -- you know how I do -- and then rolled in wearing a giant pair of sunnies and a vaguely slutty sundress I got at the Patrizia Pepe store in Milan (though usually I scoop her stuff on some fill-the-void-esque binge shopping extravaganza every six months at a DAFFY'S ["Clothing Bargains for Millionaires" is their tagline -- ha, as if!] here in New York).

Yeah, as you can see in the video, I looked like a wreck when I sauntered in to the derm's tony Park Avenue office, located on the lower lever of a glam townhouse. I was all kinds of EXHAUSTED and busted in the face with rings of eye makeup, meth brows (later fixed by the amazing Maral Bailan at Warren-Tricomi at the Plaza, natch), and a smattering of hormonal acne (now vanquished -- thanks, Dr. Gross!), but left looking ridiculously radiant and plumped-in-a-good-way. Like friggin' Marilyn Monroe! Collagen-y in the face! I'm being dead serious.

And THEN. Days later my skin has never looked better. Never EVER. The man is SUCH a genius. I have included a video of the laser treatment he performed on me wearing cool spaceman sunglasses, but we didn't film the peel his associate gave me afterwards -- which tingled appealingly like all hell and left me glowy glowy glowy.

And my skin looked SEAMLESS, with no pores, and the acne I had vanished within 24 hours. It was just ... gone. Jane goes to Dr. Gross for lasering and peels now too and we are both crazy obsessed!

[Every time I go it is FANTASTIC experience, like my best dermatologist experience ever! Dr. Gross always really listens to me and the results are so, so great. The office was lovely and super professional. I'm a convert for life. --Jane]

And FINALLY, see, I understood! Understood how celebrities and models and rich people in general always always always look so PERFECT in the face -- fantastic dermatologists like Dr. Gross ARE just wizards like that; they perform miracles, and so we should all just stop feeling bad about ourselves for not looking like, say, Tinsley Mortimer with no makeup or whomever.

It sucks that we don't have as much money as these people to get the treatments over and over and over, but there ARE at-home alternatives. Of all of his amazingly great stuff, I would go ahead and tell you to absolutely spend $90 on his Park Avenue Peel Kit, which is basically what I got, in a box, delivered in the mail to you:

You get an All-In-One Facial Cleanser With Toner (fierce!), Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel (30 applications), and Alpha Beta Glow Pads (ten applications -- oh, and it's a peel wipe WITH EFFING SELF-TANNER BUILT INTO IT. DO BEAUTY PRODUCTS GET BETTER? NO!) The kit SO gives you professional results at home to immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, reduce pore size, improve texture & skin tone and treat breakouts -- making skin look younger overall.

I DO NOT LEAD YOU ASTRAY, DEAR READERS. I JUST DON'T. My life is a mess in a zillion ways and I'm a g-damn freakshow in many respects, but I am the most honest beauty editor that has ever lived and I promise you this. When I tell you to spend money on a product, I promise you should spend the money on the products. I only write about what works. And this does.

About that laser treatment he gives me in the video: it's the Photo Rejuvenation Laser, it was totally painless, and even though I'm so zonked after the laser that I barely react when I look in the mirror, IT COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED MY FACE. YOU. MUST. GET. IT. I cannot say enough about how great it made me look.

It's not THAT expensive -- somewhere around $220, I believe -- and the results last way over a month for sure. Basically it restimulates collagen and makes you all plumped and beautiful looking. Enjoy the video -- my rad assistant Michaela did it for me and it rules! Love her!

Has anyone else tried lasers? This is by FAR the best thing I've ever gotten done. ZOMG!