Badass makeup, studded clothes, pops of color, fake flowers, and sauciness. You’ll look like a menacing wind-up toy.
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August 31, 2012
makeup, tutorials, 80s

I’ve always thought that if Rayanne Graff, Cyndi Lauper, and Siouxsie Sioux magically conceived a set of ferociously awesome twins, the result would be the band Strawberry Switchblade. If you don’t know who they are, observe and fawn:

Check out their polka-dot fetish music vid, too:

They were a Scottish pop band from the early eighties and they are perfect. Like a punk rock version of "The Shining" twins (who, come to think of it are pretty awesome to begin with). So, naturally I decided to do a bitching Strawberry Switchblade makeup and style tutorial with my good friend, Wiggy Babe.

Quick aside on Wiggy’s coolness: First of all, Wiggy Babe’s name is reminiscent of a certain Weetzie Bat, which makes her instantly amazing. That reminds me, we need to talk about Weetzie Bat and the infinitely cool, bleached and neon Los Angeles dream world she lives in. But that's for another time. Secondly, Wiggy Babe has introduced me to a Williamsburg-based fashionista drag queen. Her name is Glamorrus Sequeertary. But again, that comes later.

BACK TO STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE. I’ll offer a quick rundown on what’s what with this look. Badass makeup, studded clothes, pops of color, fake flowers, and sauciness. You’ll look like a menacing wind-up toy.

Check us out:

The eyes are a big factor in achieving Switchblade level coolness. They had impeccable eye makeup game. I mean, their eyeliner is so thick that it essentially looks like a tattoo, not to mention that the eyeliner line itself looks like the side of a throwing star. Look:

This aggressive eye makeup actually takes two seconds to do. Check out this lazy video as proofs!

As for clothing, The Blades (their new abbreviation, I decided) had a huge affinity for polka dots. Unfortunately, Wiggy and I both detest polka dots so those were out of the picture immediately. We stuck to short, girly skirts, corseted tops, leather, and fake flowers in our hair.

The one part of Wiggy’s outfit that I really lusted after was this crazy awesome bullet belt she got online at Crust Punks.

PLUS she’s rocking some sick studded Doc Martens and a custom-made fake leather jacket that supports THE BEST COLLEGE ZINE EVER.

It’s called Lips and it’s a wee five years old, working on making it big. Feminism, sexuality, art, and expression all in one thoughtfully Xeroxed package. The writing submissions in this zine are evocative and IMPORTANT and their artwork is beyond. Check out their website, they take submissions. Help ‘em out if you feel like getting your grassroots feminism on today.

You can check out a digital version of the zinehere.

And that’s that! A really jumpy and unfocused makeup tutorial with a shameless plug for a college publication. What else did you expect, really.

Stay tuned for my fashion adventures with Wiggy and Glamorrus! Oh yeah, and follow me on twitter please.

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