7 Secrets for Insanely Pretty, Authentically Glowy, Ultra-Healthy-Looking and Way Simple Summer Makeup

Read on for the essential products, tip and tricks you need to look amazing even in blazing heat! With some weirdo all up in your face staring at your pores! I mean, that's a worst case scenario, but still.
Publish date:
June 1, 2011
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'DAYTIME IN THE SUMMER' MAKEUP: It's all about natural-looking beauty, even if "natural-looking" still means using six products. It's a healthy glow, fresh-looking skin, a flushed lip, and bright eyes with just a touch of definition.Sigh. Oh, I really do love this look paired with beachy hair -- think natural waves if you can get them, separated and twisted into pretty piecey-ness with a mist of surf spray to set it all in its disarray.

Makeup and hair combined, there is no lovelier look to wear with sundresses or ... I don't know, ROMPERS or Indian print smocks or whatever the girls are into now. (I'm wearing white silk Marni; slipdress; rosebud print, natch.)But back to the makeup. The look is so pretty and laid-back that you can get away with the same day time makeup anywhere: Whether it be Bonnarroo or at the Hamptons or going grocery shopping or just to the office or to go make out on a park bench. WHATEVER.And it's easy to do. Here, how to get a perfect, ultra-natural, glowy-gorgeous subtle summer face for every day:1) Start with a light sunscreen, which not only protects your skin from wrinkles (fine, and cancer; I think vainly) but doubles as a primer. A makeup artist taught me this trick: sunscreen has a little stickiness to it, so applied instead of moisturizer, it holds makeup in place and keeps your skin looking lovely all throughout the day. 2) If you use foundation, try switching to a lighter formula. Ideally, it should be more like tinted moisturizer -- swear to God, your skin look will look dewy and fresh under harsh sunlight, not caked-up or overdone. (Brushing a little powder where you need it is okay.)3) Use bronzer with abandon. You've heard this tip a million times, but use a big fluffy brush to dust it over the high points of your face where the sun naturally hits you: forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. Don't forget your earlobes!4) Try a subtly sheer -- but playfully bright -- blush. Hot pink, coral, punchy : they all work in moderation. But don't be heavy-handed: a watercolor-sheer wash of color is all you need for an authentic-looking flush that's sooo summer-y.5) Try this makeup artist trick: set your liner with shadow. For natural-looking eye makeup that stays put all day, apply eyeliner pencil as close to the lash line as possible for definition, then meticulously press shadow into the line. Smudge everything out -- just a TINY bit -- with a Q-tip to avoid harsh lines. 6) Oh, and wash a non-severe shadow across your lids and a little into the crease -- copper is a great shade for this, for example. Or gold. Or taupe. Then, if you're feeling playful, line a little of the metallic shadow along lower lashes, and in the inner corners of your eyes.6) Switch to waterproof mascara -- this one is sort of a no-brainer -- but instead of black, try a sultry espresso brown. This little change can make all the difference in creating a super-natural look. And don't pile on the mascara -- just a few coats on top and one coat on bottom lashes is perfecto.7) Finish the look with an ultra-sheer tinted lip balm you can re-apply constantly without a mirror. That's right: no too sticky-shiny glosses or bold "fashionista"-type lipsticks allowed! Baby pinks, corals, or juicy washes of colors are prettiest -- they almost leave a stain effect. Bonus: your lips will stay soft and hydrated.What are YOUR summer makeup tricks? Favorite products (fill in the blanks where I left specific products out!). DISCUSS.P.S. SUMMER IS HERE!! HOORAY!!!