7 Kylie Jenner Beauty Rules I Always Follow Because She's My Beauty Icon

I even have her app. Yes, I actually paid for it.
Publish date:
February 12, 2016
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In my completely and totally expert opinion, Kylie Jenner is the most divisive of the Kardashians. With her over-the-top Instagram, ostentatious magazine spreads, underage lip augmentation, and if-not-totally-illegal-than-at-least-highly-problematic relationship with the 26-year-old rapper Tyga, it is safe to say that the littlest member of the Kardashian clan doesn't exactly "shy away” from controversy.

But despite the fact that she’s often a cause of heated debate (seriously, as a beauty writer I can attest to the fact that any article that mentions Kylie, more so than any other celebrity, gets both lambasted and lauded in the comments, with equal ferocity), I still can’t stop watching her. Why? Because you cannot deny that she has a distinctive and oft-emulated style.

Yes — her lips are, admittedly, fake and she has uber-expensive stylists and makeup-artists at her disposal daily, but her makeup tips are 100% on point. That’s why I can admit — with only a slight twinge of embarrassment — that I’m 27 and Kylie Jenner is my beauty icon. (I even have her app. Yes, I actually paid for it.)

When I say this, however, please note that I vehemently *do not* recommend imitating all parts of Kylie’s lifestyle. However, the below beauty tips and choices —gleaned from Kylie’s app, Instagram, Snapchat, and interviews — are ones that I personally chose to adopt as my own (because I personally think they are awesome).

To showcase all of my favorite Kylie beauty moves all at once, I enlisted Meg Black from Joli Beauty Bar in New York City to help me the full Kylie look.

Over-line Your Lips

This is obvious. Kylie is famous for her lips. While I don’t think she should be proud of the #KylieJennerLipChallenge that hit Twitter last year, I fully credit her with getting me to experiment more with matte lipsticks, intense lip liners, and over-lining my lips like there’s no tomorrow. And yes, I am eagerly awaiting the launch of her Valentine’s Day Lip Kit with the rest of the 16-year-olds on Instagram.

My favorite Kylie-endorsed lip products: Shien Silk Matte Lipstick $18, Lancome L’Absolu Rouge in Henne $30.50, Makeup Forever Aqua Lift Waterproof Lip Liner $19, Bite Line & Define Lip Primer $22.

Just Say "Yes" to False Lashes

Kylie’s app shockingly actually convinced me not to always rely solely on hyper-dramatic false eyelashes. I have blonde eyelashes, so I tend to overdo it with falsies or crazy thick mascara to compensate. While I’m inclined to double-down on lengthening mascaras like my favorite Cle de Peau Perfect Lash Mascara ($50), the Kylie gospel has increased my use of false eyelashes that aren’t burlesque level thick, like Sephora’s quality (and affordable!) “Celebrity” false lashes ($10).

Embrace the Smokey Eye

I have pretty hooded eyes, and though I could write an entire other article on the makeup tips I have to employ to do my eyes, I have found that Kylie’s tips for lightly smokey, never overlined eye makeup actually work serendipitously on my own hooded eyes. Meg gave me a shimmery, smokey look using the always classic Urban Decay Naked Palette ($50) and NARS Eyeshadow Duos in Kalahari ($35)

Find the Light

Kylie, just like older sister Kim (maybe you’ve heard of her?), is all about the glowy, lit-from-within, you-must-secretly-be-a-woodland-fairy skin. I picked up two big tips on this from Kylie’s Instagrams and beauty tutorials: one, apply luminizer both below your foundation and on top of it, and two, use the right brushes to apply lotion, foundation, and luminizer, as it makes alllll the difference.

My favorite Kylie inspired luminizer is actually an eyeshadow; I love using a combination of RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Lunar, $28 as my foundation.

My Kylie-approved favorite brushes & highlighters also include: Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Duet $80, Japonesque Brushes $5 — $50, Mac Oval 6 Brush $42.

Keep Your Brows Bold

When Meg made me look like Kylie, she made sure to over-index my brows with the help of my favorite brow pencil — Lancome Les Sourcils Definis, $26.50. Obviously, I was thrilled. Shout out to Cara, Lily, and Kylie; the bold brow queens of my heart.

Wear Athletic Outfits — All the Time

As a perpetually lazy beauty writer, I love the fact that Kylie wears leggings as pants, all the time. Her insistence on oversized sweatshirts, sweatpants, and track jackets on a daily basis makes my heart soar.


The last Kylie beauty tip I consistently take to heart is her "IDGAF" attitude about style and beauty. For an 18-year-old and despite her flaws, she is refreshingly adventurous with her hair, makeup, and clothing choices. She has tried numerous different hair colors, she is equally likely to sport an evening gown or Yeezy Boosts, and she never seems overly precious about her makeup choices. She’s willing to experiment, and that is something I have definitely made a major effort to implement into my own beauty ethos. Although it sometimes pains me to say it, it is *just* hair and makeup, might as well have fun with it.