I'm Pretty Sure I Both Made It Snow and Eased My Seasonal Affective Disorder With These Post-Holiday Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are the easiest way to wear complicated nail art without any effort, which is great because I've got Cheetos to eat.

On a cold winter morning, three weeks after Christmas:


Mom: "Shh. Why are you screaming?"


Mom: "Christmas passed. When are you going back to New York?" *eye roll*

I made it snow, you guys. Me. I may not fully understand the proper use of the phrase “self-fulfilling prophecy,” but I do know that before bed I applied snowflake nail wraps, and woke up to two inches of snow.

In all seriousness, the changes in weather (and these nail wraps) were exactly what I needed. Since we’ve never spent the holidays together, you wouldn’t know that I have an extremely difficult time letting go of Christmas. My self-diagnosed, mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder peaks after December 25, and hit an all time low this year due to the seemingly endless gray weather in combination with mid-afternoon nightfall. Honestly, all I want to do is eat, sleep, and shield myself from human contact.

While rifling through a highly unorganized makeup bag (does anyone else return to a messy child-like state when they visit home?), I found three forgotten sets of NCLA holiday nail wraps. Oh right, I was supposed to write about those, I thought between bites of tuna sub, Family Feud blaring in the background. These blue ombré snowflake wraps called my name, ready to deliver some much needed wintry relief, and I obliged.

Honestly, I’ve never been much of a nail art girl. While everyone was busy Instagramming crafty geometric designs on their pointy acrylics this year, I tried painting tiny flowers on my ring fingers and they looked like pink turds. That single experiment was it for me — I can’t be bothered with disappointing myself for no reason.

Nail wraps, however, are by far the easiest way to wear complicated nail art without putting in any effort. Wahoo! I mean really, can you imagine me taking the time to paint all of those snowflakes? Please, I have Cheetos to eat.

These appropriately seasonal nail wraps were easy to apply (start with a basecoat, pick a wrap to fit your shape, file, add a clear topcoat, and DONE!) and brought heaps of winter bliss. Because happiness is best when shared, I found five more patterned nail wraps for anyone else struggling to let go of the remnants of their holiday joy.

NCLA Designer Nail Wraps in Candy Cane Cutie, $9

NCLA Designer Nail Wraps in Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, $9

Jamberry Nails “Sweater Weather," $15

Jamberry Nails in Iced, $15

Sally Hansen “Red My Tulips”, $9

So what do you all think? Does anyone else seek cosmetic comfort during their time of SAD? I’m also interested in finding out who prefers nail wraps to regular nail polish. I can’t say I’m a total convert, but these won’t be the last nail wraps I try. If they’re good enough for Beyoncé, they’re good enough for me.

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