5 Ways To Increase Your Cuteness Quotient By 1000% For Fall

Here are some pieces I'm loving for the cooler weather, which might inspire you to try something new.
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September 19, 2012
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When it starts to cool down outside, there are a few things that automatically fall into rotation in my wardrobe: opaque black tights, motorcycle boots and knit hats. I am predictable like that.

You probably have items you trot out every fall/winter, too, but I think it's important to switch up your look every now and again, just to keep things exciting and interesting. Here are some pieces I'm loving for the cooler weather, which might inspire you to try something new!

Dr. Martens boots

But not the ones you're thinking of! I'm talking specifically about the Darcie and Regina boots, which lace up the front and have a fabulous -- but practical -- heel.

These are my go-to boots for chilly days. Admittedly, when I first saw them, I thought these looked like Ronald McDonald's boots, and made a face, but on your foot, they are actually extremely cute. I am obsessed with the Dr. Martens Darcie shape, and ended up buying two pairs: the Regina (which has Oxford-esque detailing), and a pair of patent black Darcies.

The Darcie/Regina is the perfect boot. Why?

1. It's super cute, wearable and versatile.

2. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes, from oxblood (I almost typed xoblood! I'm definitely drinking the company kombucha) to a spotted pony fur version for Opening Ceremony.

3. The heel is IDEAL: high enough to give you a little boost, but low enough to be practical and sturdy. I don't like that word, "sturdy", because it sounds very Taurean. (No offense, Emily.) But you know what I mean. It's still sexy, I promise!

4. I have worn these all over Los Angeles, Paris and New York. They are seriously comfortable.

Did I persuade you yet? For real, you need a pair. By the way, the best prices are on Amazon, but I would recommend trying them on in a store before ordering, because their sizing can be a little wonky. You're welcome!

P.S. The Darcie has been out for a couple of years, and is getting a little trickier to find. The Lucie appears to be their newest take on the boot-with-a-heel thing. They are also now doing your bog standard 1460 with a heel. A nice upgrade if you, like me, want to look more "expensive" these days! (Hahahah.) No, no, I like these. I want to see them on a foot, though!

American Apparel wool floppy hats

My mother always told me, "If you want to be remembered, wear a hat," so it follows that I love hats of all types. It's true that I feel kind of naked without something on my head. I don't discriminate much: a knit hat, a pair of ears or a crazy pillbox hat will all do just fine. But finding a good hat is tricky, and I usually have more luck in vintage stores than any chain retailer.

With one exception -- American Apparel makes the perfect floppy wool hat. Yes, they do. You know you've struck gold when you feel the need to own the same thing in other iterations. It worked with the Dr Marten boot, and it works with this hat too. I own it in fuchsia, royal blue and black, which covers most of my sartorial bases.

The thing I love most about hats is that they can disguise a bad face day as easily as they disguise a bad hair day, and that they avert attention just as much as they attract it. That push and pull is very appealing to me! There is also something so satisfying about swanning about in a huge hat. You are instantly 3,000 times more glamorous, and probably better dressed than most.

They really add some panache to an outfit. Panache! Who even says that anymore?!

Very very sparkly necklaces and earrings

The cold weather can make me a bit moody, especially when I realize that I am going to be resigned to sweaters, skirts and coats for the next six months. (Ugh!) Blue skies start to feel like a thing of the past and I start seriously investigating SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamps (which actually, apparently, work like magic).

One easy and inexpensive way to generate a little optimism is to bedazzle yourself with aplomb. One of my favorite sources for this is Sparkle Beast Designs on Etsy, and once you click the link, you will understand why. I mean, BAM! You can't be sad with one of those hanging around your neck. Imagine one sitting on the collar of a cobalt blue cashmere sweater or nestled into the opening of a collared shirt. DELICIEUX.

Another great option is Forever 21. They always have very inexpensive -- and very sparkly -- earrings and rhinestone necklaces. I am pretty into this trend of painted rhinestone necklaces too.

A bright or fun handbag

I am newly obsessed with Furla glitter bags in all colors. The sad news is that I am 100% late to this trend, and they don't even make the damn things anymore. The great news is that there is always a bunch of them for sale on eBay. Of course, you need to check the feedback of anyone you buy from, but there are plenty of fabulous options available. I kinda love this little onyx one, and this purple one makes me seriously happy. For a mound of squishy plastic, though, it sure is expensive!

Anyway, I love a bright handbag because it means you can wear black and white or something similarly simple, but still feel like you have a soul and/or are not going to a funeral. I have a collection of pink handbags and they really do make life happier.

Cute stockings

I just went through all my stockings and threw out everything with a hole, or a rubbed, bobbly patch where it met my boots. It felt good! You should do the same in preparation for the cold weather. It sucks so hard to pull on a pair of stockings and then stick your toe through the end. You'll be all, "CONSARN IT!" (Awesome.)

I am not really a fan of colored stockings anymore, but I love patterns. A pair of polka-dot tights with a simple outfit looks so killer, and I love crocheted stockings too. I think ASOS has the best selection, with everything from zips up the backs of the legs to teeny-tiny skull and crossbones all over. Fun!

What do you love to wear when the temperature starts to dip? Will I see you swanning around in a really big hat anytime soon?

I actually have so many more things I want to add to this list. Would you like me to do a second part?!