5 Products You Should Totally Jack From a Dude's Place

If guys HATE it when you borrow their razor so much, why is their shaving stuff SO GOOD?
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May 22, 2013
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I became a bit of a kleptomaniac in college. I was known for removing fraternity and school merchandise and personal mementos from the rooms of guys I would hook up with after drunken hookups. Memories are nice, but a whole new closet of shirts, sweatshirts and shot glasses are even better. I never collected hearts as much as I collected entire wardrobes.

I admit that my kleptomaniac tendencies have gotten much better as I’ve gotten older. As in, if we spend quality time with each other, I now refuse souvenirs of any kind (particularly those of the medical condition variety), but I still find myself “borrowing” items whenever I spend the night at a guy’s place.

I mean, if guys HATE it when you borrow their razor so much, why is their shaving stuff SO GOOD?


Since we’ve moved out of the Drakkar Noir phase (oh please tell that we have), most men’s colognes have a musk component that comes out as a sweeter note on a woman’s body. A general rule of thumb is that if it has a female equivalent (Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, for example) it will probably smell pretty good on you. As a cool twist on fragrance, dab your guy’s cologne on your pulse points, then layer your own fragrance as a mist all over your body. It will give you the sensation of wearing his shirt all day, and it will have other men checking you out like you’re putting out a homing signal. Try it.

Razor Bump Cures

Dudes who get beard burn or ingrowns will rarely suffer these conditions for longer than, oh, a minute, so look for these bump-banishing products if you suddenly have to manage your bikini line in a hurry at his place. (You can also use it to keep from getting red bumps or shaving irritation if you have to shave with regular bar soap.) The salicylic and lactic acids in products like Shaveworks The Cool Fix will help relieve irritation and help prevent ingrowns, inflammation and the like.

After-Shaving/Multitasking Moisturizers

Let’s say you find yourself with about three minutes to look semi-presentable after a sleepover -- use their multitasking, after-shave moisturizers for quick hydration. They’re amazing at controlling shine while keeping skin balanced, which is key when you’re in a huge hurry. If he doesn’t have it, look for Lab Series Pro LS All-in-One Face Treatment, then reserve the right to use it liberally when you crash over.


Clearly, you can use this under your own arms, but there’s another awesome trick for this product that can cure something else that ails you: chafing shoes. Swipe a little on your hand and then rub the outsides of your feet if you’ve got shoes that are too tight, or run the deodorant on the bottom of your (clean) foot to keep your feet from sweating in shoes during the day. Honestly, I wear men’s deodorant in the summer. I think it prevents Summer Funk better than women’s deodorants do.

Facial Hair Scissors

Clearly, these little snips are for precise, ouch-free removal of too-long nose hairs and whatnot, but if you’ve got bangs that are making you crazy, these are the best way to take just the ends off until you can see your hairstylist. Just be sure to wash and dry them first, then take the bangs and place them between your fingers right above your eye socket (or at least 1/2 inch above where you want them to actually be cut.) Hold the scissors upward at a slight diagonal and snip away at the very ends of your bangs until you can see again. Ta-da!

Let’s hear from you. Do you ever borrow products from the boys in a hurry or do you find yourself making The Great Schlep to make sure you have your essentials? Do you find that your guy has great products or is his place a barren desert of anything helpful? Let’s discuss in the comments below: