5 Beauty Products To Make You Look Well Rested On New Year’s Day (Even When You Aren’t, You Crazy Thing, You)

Wait. Does this mean I can just stay up forever?
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January 1, 2013
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There are lots o’ things I consider myself, but a “party animal” is not one of them, and not just because I don’t really use that phrase in my vernacular.

I am more likely to stay in watching "Breaking Bad" (OK, "The OC" Season One) (All right, the episode on "The Hills" where Lauren shouts, “YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!”) than go out clubbing, drinking, bar hopping, party attending, etc., etc.

However, when I do go out, to quote a good friend of mine, “[I] go all the way out.” This is not to say I’m doing and/or receiving body shots or getting blackout drunk or dancing on bars or whatever folks do nowadays. I’m just saying that if I put in the effort to wear real clothing, you best believe I’m not going home at 11 (amirite, ladies?).

One night that I always make an effort to go all the way out is New Year’s Eve. This year, I’m avoiding the crowds in public and opting to go to my friend’s house, but I know I’ll still be out long after the ball drops. I also know that I have shit to get done the next day, and I’d prefer to not look like a zombie doing it.

I’m incredibly excited to drink champagne with people I love on NYE (It’s cool with you guys if I call it NYE, right? Because I just went for it), but I’m a bit wary that I’ll have purple and blue circles under my eyes the next day. Here are the tips and products I’ll be utilizing and turning to on the first of the year. Everyone will think I was in bed by, like, 9:30. Suckas.

When this stuff first came out, I assumed it was just a gimmick because, well, it totally seems like a gimmick. But it’s not! Awesome! Basically, you roll this baby under your eyes to get rid of dark circles and puffiness. Bonus points: it has a cooling sensation that feels way fancier than the less-than-10-dollars price point.

It’s pretty ostentatious to name your product “Amazing,” so, if you’re going to do that, you best be producing some next level shit. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Amazing Cosmetics is doing. Somehow, this concealer manages to be highly pigmented, yet still natural looking. I put the teeniest-tiniest bit on the palm of my hand and then pat it on with a sponge to get the most natural looking effect.

I know it seems sorta bananas to spend $42 on a concealer, but this stuff is so highly pigmented that you just need the tiniest bit. It’ll last you till 2014, assuming we’re not all underwater. Just kidding. It’ll still last you even then because this baby is waterproof! Take that, global warming!

My relationship with Bare Minerals is as complex is as any I’ve ever had. Sometimes their products are varsity level and then other times they’re way too chalky. But I absolutely love this lightweight powder. I don’t think it’s strong enough to use alone, especially when your dark circles are as intense as mine are, but it acts as a great staying powder over cream or liquid concealers.

I literally have zero idea as to how to properly pronounce this product because I spent all of French class writing in my notebook instead of bettering myself and becoming worldlier. Lucky for me, I don’t need to know how to say this schmancy product’s name in order to reap its benefits. At 40 bones, it’s pretty pricy for a makeup product, but it works wonders. Pinky promise.

First off, I think it’s hilarious that Benefit named this product with just a description of one of its attributes. But, I mean, this stuff is absurdly potent. I use it every night and it makes my eyes Muppet-big. It works to actually fade dark circles, rather than just cover the suckers up. Wait. Does this mean I can just stay up forever? Perfect.

Bonus Tips To Look, Like, Extra Awake:

  • Use a rose-colored blush on your cheekbones, rather than the apples of your cheeks. This will help lift your face and give the illusion that you’re not running on three hours of sleep.
  • Curl your lashes to open up your peepers.
  • Chances are, the last thing you want to do is take the time to apply red lipstick perfectly. Instead do a red stain. This is easier and will instantly brighten your face