3 Sort-Of Tricky Beauty Moves That Are Totally WORTH IT To Learn

When I was a beauty intern, I stayed very quiet when other people were talking, and I picked up some knowledge.
Publish date:
January 4, 2013

I am not a makeup artist (not even a lil’ bit), but I do know some tricks of the trade. When I was a beauty intern, I stayed very quiet when other people were talking, and I picked up some knowledge.

Anyway, here are three must-know beauty tricks to get Victoria’s Secret waves, gorgeous eyes and perfect lipstick. They seem intimidating and complicated, yes. But with a little practice, you’ll be whippin’ ‘em out every Friday night! That’s a promise, babes.

How To Curl Your Hair With A Clip-Free Curler

A clip-free curler is basically just a hot rod (heh). I love this one from Amika. It comes with four barrels in varying sizes -- go for the medium size one to get Vicky’s Secret waves. You know the look -- all pretty and beachy like an “off-duty” celeb. Step by step, this is how you do it:

  1. Spritz dry hair with a sea salt spray. I like this one from Not Your Mother’s.
  2. Point the curler downward and wrap a 1-2 inch section of hair around it, away from your face. DON’T TOUCH THE BARREL! If you’re a newbie, I recommend using the little heat resistant glove that comes with the curler. It’s prettyyyy Michael Jackson, but that is the price of not burning your hand off.
  3. Continue along section by section. Don’t make all the sections the same size -- that’s how you end up with George-Washington-wig curls. Hold each section on the curler for about five seconds.
  4. Spray everything down with some Elnett.
  5. Now shake it out! You can put some Frizz-Ease on your ends if you want.

How to Tightline Your Eyes

Tightlining sounds treacherous (sticking eyeliner IN YOUR EYE??), but it is the best way to make your lashes look thicker. And it’s easy-peasy once you practice a few times.

  1. Start by rubbing a kohl pencil on the underside of your top lashes. The point is to deposit color on and between the lashes so that there are no “holes” in the look of your eyeliner.
  2. Then move on to the big guns: Line the waterline on your upper lashes. L’oreal’s kohl pencil is so smoothy-smooth, it’s easy to rub on quickly (with minimal tears).
  3. Follow that up by lining your top lid as you normally would. Try to get as close to the lashes as possible.
  4. Anddd mascara!

It’s a quick, two-minute drill that vastly improves the look of your eyes.

How to Apply Lipstick with a Lip Brush

Have you been following Taylor Swift lately? It’s like, DAMN GIRL, WHEN DID YOUR LIPSTICK GAME IMPROVE SO DRAMATICALLY? Girl’s been using a lip brush, I can tell. Maybelline makes a great, affordable one. Try it out:

  1. Line your lips with a neutral liner.
  2. Rub a little lipstick from the tube onto the middle of your bottom lip.
  3. Pick up some additional color on your brush, and then sweep it outward from the middle of your lip. This is basically color-inside-the-lines for grownup ladies.
  4. Repeat on your top lip. You can add more color with your brush as desired.

And there you go! You could be dating a member of One Direction now (or, like, a lot of other people, too, probably).

Now, what are your favorite beauty tricks? If you try any of mine, send me pics, OK?

Allie Riley Jones is on Twitter, girl.