Hair Tutorial: The Perfect 1960s Flip

I recently cut my hair and it’s now the perfect length for full on Marlo Thomas in "That Girl" hair.
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June 12, 2013
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I recently cut my hair and it’s now the perfect length for full on Marlo Thomas in "That Girl" hair. Along with Ronnie Spector, Marlo Thomas is my ultimate 1960s hair goddess of greatness. While Ronnie went all out beehive, Marlo Thomas had the perfect bouffant hair with no strand out of place. Her show, "That Girl," was charming and fluffy with annoying moments at times (“Doooonald!”), but the real star was Marlo’s perfect 60‘s flip, along with her character’s superb sense of style!

I can only aspire to such greatness, but I’m sure gonna try!

My hair is just a few inches past my shoulders now. I miss the longer hair when I do rag rolls since the curls are much shorter, but this length is really great for a flip.

Supplies include volumizing mousse, a medium sized curling iron, a bristle brush, regular hairspray and some sort strong hold hairspray, such as Aveda Control Force or, let’s be real, Aquanet.

I’m kind of wishy-washy when it comes to night or morning showers. These days I usually take one at night, but I’m not opposed to taking one in the morning. Sometimes it’s a nice wake-up. Either way, you would start by adding volumizing mousse to wet hair. If you let your hair air dry over night, you’re good to go for the next step. If you’re blow-drying, I recommend blow-drying upside side for maximum lift.

Next you make sure your hair is tangle free and divide your hair into sections. You can do it as you go or manually clip the sections. As we’ve mentioned before, I’m kind of lazy, so I tend to curl my hair in pretty big pieces. That’s not always the most efficient depending on the thickness of your hair.

Before I curl each section, I spritz the area with regular hairspray to add a bit of extra hold as it’s curling. Only spritz right before you curl so that it molds to the curl instead of the straightness of your hair.

Twist the curling iron to about chin level, definitely not too high, since the goal is a flip, not curls.

In the back sections of your hair, hold the curling iron at a slight angle. It helps the flip, for lack of better words, be more flippy toward the front of your hair.

Push half of your hair forward, spray a bit of regular hairspray and start teasing from the midsection upwards to the top of your crown.

You should have a sort of faux hawk of messiness on the top of your head. Take the right side and tease the hair under from the midsection to your crown, spray some regular hair spray and do the same to the left side.Try and connect all the sections through teasing so that when you flip it over, there are no weird gaps. The mid-section is the most important part of the mini-bouffant, which is why that section should be teased first.

Once the teasing is done, add some strong-hold hairspray all around and flip your hair over. Add a decent amount of hairspray all around the top of the hair and mold it a bit till it feels right to you. At this point, it should’ve come together pretty well and the bottom curls should have a nice, natural feel to them. You’re basically ready to go except...

In this instance, I’m not aiming for natural. I’m aiming for the solid-as-a-rock helmet head of flippy hair! For my final step, I separate my hair into two sections, wrap them around the curling iron and add super-duper hairspray while they’re being curled together. This gives one definite flip to each side of your hair.

Voila, you’ve got a flip that stays put and a perfect summer style that looks good with anything from hairbands and clips to hats or fancy scarves!

This might seem like it takes a while as we go step by step, but lately, I literally just air dry my hair at night, then in the morning, quickly curl the ends, tease the top and I’m out the door. I might add a hairband or ribbon for a colorful feel, but otherwise, this is a look that always makes me feel polished and is super easy to do in the morning!