10 Awesome Ways To Use Facial Cleansing Wipes For Things Other Than Cleansing Your Face

I give thanks daily for these wonderful inventions.
Publish date:
November 13, 2013
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As someone who can be quite lazy about my facial cleansing routine, I revere the facial wipe.

Packed with skin-soothing ingredients, these will help you get your face of makeup off before your eyes close in a state of near death from an all-out night of partying. However, some of my favorite uses for facial cleansing wipes actually have nothing to do with my face.

Taking scuffs off suede - If you get a dark mark or dirt on suede, it can be a hell to get off. A facial cleansing wipe has a cleanser AND a conditioner, which means you can lift a stain without stripping the suede. Swirl the wipe with the grain of the fabric, then gently hold the wipe against it and repeat until the stain is gone. Finish by running over it with a soft, dry cloth. Done.

General minor stain removal - Facial can’t lift ink, blood or anything super crazy, but let’s say you’re out to dinner and you drip sauce on your blouse. Dab a wipe on it really quickly instead of water and it can help lift the stain before it sets. Don’t try this an hour later, though: It’s not a miracle worker.

Body acne prevention at the gym - If you’re like me, your body starts to erupt into small valleys of acne hills the minute you’re done with a workout -- which means that you’ve got about 5 minutes to get your sweaty gear off before the bacteria starts to create a minefield. If you need to buy yourself some time (or you don’t have time to take a full-on shower), using a cleansing wipe around the bra line can help prevent body acne. Wipe under your arms and you’ll able to make it a bit longer without showering.

Cleaning under your nails - I have never understood how I get packed dirt under my fingernails after a day in New York City, but every night I find myself cleaning out coal mining-levels of packed soot and whatever else from under my nails. If I’m on my way somewhere and I look down and see dirty nails, out comes a wipe and under the nails it goes. Cleans like a charm. I also use them to wipe my hands down after a particularly nasty subway station experience or ride.

Tidying up after a bikini wax - Some waxers leave little souvenirs behind after they’re done with your service in the form of little rolls of wax, which you never find until your underwear is suddenly stuck to you in a random position while you're walking down the street. Excuse yourself to the restroom and use a cleansing wipe to gently loosen the wax without pulling skin with it. Trust me: They’re lifesavers in a pinch.

Cleaning my spin bike - I’m a spin addict. I’m also the crazy person who wipes down my own bike, even though I know they clean the bikes before we get in there (and I know some places have their own wipes at the door.) I don’t think I’m a germaphobe, but maybe this means I should speak to someone.

Freshen up after a car trip - You know how you get after hours in a car ride with friends, family, your thoughts and $20 worth of gas station snacks. Rip open a pack of wipes and clean up down before you hug your grandma. You owe her that. She’s been through a lot, she doesn’t need you snuggling up after a 10-hour journey with Funyuns and the windows rolled up. Speaking of long periods of sitting...

Swamp ass removal - I know, gross. But look, this is not just reserved for dudes. If you’ve been sitting in non-breathable pants, tights, shape wear or lined clothing for a long time, you can develop some crazy heat and humidity in the rear. Wipe down, shake your clothes out and you’re a whole new person.

Post-gym sleek ponytail - OK, so this is a weird use for wipes: After working out, I’ve discovered that wiping from my face all the way through the mid-lengths of my hair and then pulling my hair back results in a sleek ponytail with NO flyaways. It's a perfect quick updo.

Cleaning the inside of your purse or gym bag - The craziest stuff falls into that waterproof lining, and sometimes you just need to clean it out. Rather than spending a fortune at the dry cleaner or just letting it be filthy, dump everything out and use a wipe to, well, wipe it down. Get organized and go on about your day without worrying about the Mystery Spill that just occurred.

Do you use facial wipes on things other than your face? Or do you have another beauty product that you find perfect for something other than what it was intended?