OBSESSED WITH: Pamela Anderson Malibu Day Eau de Parfum. And Also Just With Pamela Anderson.

Of course the hottest bitch in Malibu smells like a beachy surf goddess. Look at her!
Publish date:
June 29, 2011
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I think Pamela Anderson is so f-ing glamorous.My favorite thing about her is how she lives like a beautiful beachy gypsy with her kids in that luxury trailer park mobile home community Paradise Cove in Malibu (I think Matthew McConaughey and people have campers, too) -- which is so Bohemian and, again, out-of-this-world glamorous to me.

Seriously, if I ever moved to California exactly where I would want to be. Can you IMAGINE?! Smoking pot drinking a bunch of vodka-lemonades and watching the surfers from the steps of your luxury trailer on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean?


I also, of course, love how Pam looks. Haters can hate but she's all about being a Malibu bombshell and there hasn't really ever been anyone quite like her. Plus, her Malibu street style is so on point! She is always dressed in PERFECT beachy white layered miniskirt outfits with that awesome surfer hair!

OMFG; she’s so great to look at. I also like how she talks; I like how her kids with Tommy Lee look like the most gorgeous little surfer boys; I like her very (I abuse this word; sorry) glamorous and famous porno from the nineties. I love when she works with David LaChapelle -- have you ever seen her twinkling all over with stars in this NSFW Playboy spread? KILLING IT.

Yes, I like everything about Pam Anderson! I like her almost as much as I like one KEANU REEVES, who is my new airhead boy obsession. With Pam and me, it's the the ill girl crush (and I think it started with her awesome "Pam, Honestly" columns in JANE magazine – remember?).

And of course you know she smells sexy as hell – but in a beachy way. No va-va-voom, heady perfume-y scents for Pam (or really anyone else in LA, for that matter – though does Dita Von Teese have a perfume yet? I forget.).

So when I got this Pamela Anderson Malibu Day Eau de Parfum (I even PAID for it -- and I get everything free!) in the mail finally, I opened the bottle and it smelled EXACTLY like I hoped it would: like seaspray, tropical flowers, hints of sunscreen and tanning bed lotions. I mean, would you expect anything else from the woman who has made Being The Hottest Chick On The Coasts of Southern California into her brand?

Of COURSE I wanna smell like Pam Anderson. Are you crazy?! I wanna be FRIENDS with Pamela Anderson, actually (and you bet I'd have sex with her -- what, I would!).

How about you? Are you into Pam? She's a woman's woman; ask Jane! Right, Jane?! Swoon.