The Halloween Beauty Round-Up: The Undead Housewife

If Betty Draper were a zombie, she'd totally go for this look.
Publish date:
October 18, 2011
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Surely this year we're all going to come across a few "Mad Men" or "Pan Am" inspired costumes, but originality is a bit lacking there, so I've got another idea. MAKE IT DEAD.

Flight attendant? Make it dead. High-and-mighty ad exec? Make it dead! Housewife? MAKE THAT COSTUME DEAD. Halloween is the time to make things gory and gross, so why not take your most glamorous vintage dress and your best costume jewelry and throw them all together into disgusting corpse territory? Now that's sexy.

Zombie Face!

To get that ghostly pallor, I covered my face with a blend of lilac and green tinted concealers like NYX's Concealer Wand in Lavender ($5.50, and N.Y.C.'s Cover Stick in Green ($1.99, drugstores) Next, I used a red blush to really sculpt my cheekbones. The effect was of someone who maybe had a little too much to drink and got into their make-up. A bit of matte grey shadow blended on top gave a sunken effect.

For a dead-girl stare, I covered my lid, crease and under my lower lashline with a pale matte blue shadow. I brushed that same shade down near the sides of my nose to create the look of "bags" under the eyes. I then used an angled brush and a red eyeshadow to line my eyes.

To create the look of bloody gashes, I used a brown-toned burgundy lipstick. I put a bit on the fingertips of my index, middle and ring finger and then smeared it across my cheek. To create the actual wounds, I mixed a bit of clear lip balm and matte black eyeshadow and used a lip brush to apply it onto my cheeks in a shape resembling fingernail indentations.

Red lipstick was applied as a final touch because even dead housewives need to look put together. The shade is one of my favourites, Dior's Ara Red ($32, which I used in my Marie Antoinette tutorial as well.

For retro styled wavy hair, check out Julie's awesome tutorial. Top it all off with a vintage hat (look for one with a veil, they add a fancy creepiness) found at a thrift store, antique market or Etsy. And if you want to look really nasty, try adding in a few plastic spiders.

Now all you need is some weird backstory about how you're looking for your dead husband and you'll be ready to terrify children and potential romantic partners alike. Bravo, you!