Be The Best Gift Buyer EVER

YOU HAVE TWO DAYS LEFT ‘TIL VALENTINE'S DAY PEOPLE! ARE YOU PREPARED? If, like the pretend me, you couldn't give a Dickens about it, as you were.

Why Fancy Dress Rules PLUS My Fancy Dress Rules

Already have pretty much every component to a kick-ass Angela Chase costume because she is your idol? Go as Angela Chase. Already have a gorgeous Mia Wallace-style bob like Olivia? Go as Mia Wallace. Big fat arse? Go as a Kardashian!

I Heart Fat Club!

I've often looked upon people with self-restraint as if they are a different species. The ability to choose fruit over cake even some of the time, or to put a bulldog clip around a half-eaten bag of Walkers Sensations to save the rest for later are alien to me.