Somehow you just don't imagine getting accidentally kicked in the head by a little person while you're in Vegas.
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If you're going to survive an indulgent weekend in Vegas, there are a few key tricks, including making the most of your day without exhausting yourself. I know, life is SO rough.
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Fifty percent of people in Illinois said yes. (Probably they should move to Northern California because it's The Best Place Ever.)
I've already spent $1,300 to get my ankle tattoo removed and I'm not even finished. And the pain. Don't get me started on the pain.

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My vagina is my favorite body part, so I like to tell stories about it and take really good care of it.
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…Including how to learn to love the mess.

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The first sentence? "Sports is not the first place that you imagine seeing girls unless they are cheering on the sidelines."
Oh, and your insanely expensive cable bill? You can blame that on ESPN.
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The good news? A few cheerleaders have filed suits claiming they're vastly underpaid. Because they are.

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