You feel responsible for the kid you see in front of you, the kid clearly suffering from a lifetime of abuse and neglect, this kid whose life might have maybe been different, if only. You play “if only” a lot.
first love
I don’t think anyone believes that her first love will end in a courtroom before a judge.
internet dating
This was the transitional period between the “popular girls have hideous Coach purses” phase and “popular girls have hideous Dooney and Burke purses” phase.
I met him while I was at work. He was forward and just charming enough for his approach not to register as negative on my radar.

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fast food
Unlike goldfish, we actually remember when you treat us poorly, and we will judge you next time you come in.
Heroin in our house, in front of our child, while I was growing a baby inside me was worse than any of the fears I’d conjured for myself over the years.
In the stories I had heard and read about, the women used eBay to mail the panties out. But I figured, why not cut out the shipping cost and just give them to the guy?
I am intimately familiar with you and your bank accounts in ways that The Government would be proud of.

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the frisky
Through my struggles, I’ve found solace in the fact that my OB-GYN confirmed “these are common problems,” and “these things happen to everyone.”