Should I just live alone for a year, or should I really try to make this work?

Feb 28, 2014 at 6:30pm | Leave a comment

My boyfriend of three years and I are in the perfect position to move in together. Our apartment leases end at the same time, we need to be situated in the same general location, and we're both tired of our awful roommates. I would loooove to move in with him and I fantasize almost constantly about a cute historic house that we share with our respective cats. 
The thing is...many of our friends have moved in together really early into their relationships, so we've always been weary not to fall into the same issue. Also he is a child of divorce, and it makes him even more cautious. Of course, we lived very close for the two years before this year, and we've pretty much spent every weekend living at each others' places for the past year. I'm only almost 21 and he just turned 22, but we both have great jobs--he's graduating university and I'm a year away. 
The other thing parents are very Catholic and quite hate the idea of premarital sex or...anything fun like that. I haven't approached them with the idea yet, but I'm fairly confident it would not be okay with them, especially since I'm paying rent with inheritance money at the moment. 
Should I just live alone for a year (which I'm okay with, but would rather not), or should I really try to make this work? If you've been in a similar position, what did you do/wish you had done?

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