YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: I'm Afraid Of My Boyfriend's Dog

I am fully aware that I'm the guest in this situation.

Mar 26, 2014 at 6:30pm | Leave a comment

I recently met really nice man.  He is nearly perfect.  He volunteers as a youth mentor in a program similar to Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  He's always looking for ways to help people.  He is involved in his career, but isn't a workaholic.  He's one of the funniest people that I've ever met.  It's like he's a saint who still likes a good dick joke.  And then there is his dog.
 He rescued his dog a couple of years ago, and the dog definitely came from an abusive situation.  He's scrappy and adorable.  But he's a biter.  I've been warned not to let my hands get too close to him, and if I see teeth to move away.  My guy has lost a fingernail to this dog's bite.  This animal bites everyone.  I can handle being in the same vicinity as the dog, and I know to keep my distance, but my boyfriend sleeps with him.  Which means I'm expected to sleep with him too.  The dog has been known to bite a sleeping person who nudges him wrong or gets too far into his space.  Last night I couldn't sleep at all because I'm laying there terrified that I'm going to be hurt if I move wrong. 
 Is there a way to bring this up without hurting anyone's feelings.  I am fully aware that I'm the guest in this situation.  I don't want to displace the dog, but I don't want to sleep there if he's going to be sharing the bed.

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