YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: How Can I Push Away My Invasive Ex?

I don't know how to push him away the right way.
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I don't know how to push him away the right way.


I broke up with my ex on Halloween after two months because I wasn't into it/him anymore. We have many mutual friends, so we've been around each other plenty. However, I feel like he's being even more possessive after our relationship than he was during it! When I made dinner with one of our friends, he invited himself and other friends along and got upset when the friend talked in another room without him. He responds to everything I say on Facebook - even when it's a message on another friend's wall - and sends messages throughout the day to wish me luck on homework, etc. When I hosted a dinner party last week he stood up before I could to give the welcome/toast, then interrupted all of my conversations with other friends to interject thoughts on an unrelated subject. 

But for all of my frustration about feeling smothered, we have enough friends in common that I don't know how to push him away the right way. I tried to tell him that I was overwhelmed by all of his contact, and he responded: "I will give you space if you need it, but really don't want to have to cut you out of my life for long." 

What do I do?

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