YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: Bisexuality And Boudoir Photography

There's a level of trust and vulnerability involved here.
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There's a level of trust and vulnerability involved here.


I have to ask is a personal question that I've been thinking about for the past month which will impact my career, but I haven't really found anyone to turn to for advice.

I've started my own photography business, which I love, and I really want to go into boudoir. The photos are beautiful, everyone has fun and I love any excuse for people to play dress-up. On top of that, helping people see how wonderful they are and develop their sense of self-love is incredibly important to me.

This past fall, I realized that I am bisexual. It was a long time coming, and since I'm not interested in pursuing any romantic or sexual relationships, I haven't pushed myself to tell many people yet. Should I take this into consideration in my decision to do boudoir photography? I feel like if it were just about any other job, the answer would be an automatic, "Go for it, of course! Everyone else will deal with it!" However, there's a level of trust and vulnerability involved here that's particular to this job, and I'm not sure if it's right to be open with prospective client and let them decide how comfortable they feel.

Anyway, I realized I could ask you here after reading Mandy's article about her gorgeous pinup photo shoot. I'm so happy for you, and I'm grateful you shared it with us!

Any idea what she should do about this? Let her know in the comments!

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