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About a year and a half ago, reeling from a pretty profound breakup, I started hanging out with an old friend I’ll call “A” (who was also dealing with his own breakup) and we ended up going out drinking and slept together a few times. Despite at times being a little flirty, A and I absolutely 100% did not date, and are still friendly and friends even though we don’t hang out that often.
 About 6-7 months after the last time we “got our groove on”, I met and started seriously dating a guy I’ll call “C”. It’s newish (About 3 months), but I’m happy. 
However, there is one sort of hiccup. A and C are semi-friendly acquaintances…went to school together, have several of the same friends, and there’s already been one party that we were all at. It was not awkward and I am happy with C and A and I were perfectly friendly.
 C asked me one time if A and I had dated, and I told him no, which was truthful, but I’m starting to feel like I am leaving out details that could hurt C if he found out about it. What do you guys think I should do?

What should she do?  Let him know? Or keep it to herself? Let her know in the comments!

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