I Can't Believe Homophobia Is Still a Thing

Et tu, Southwest Airlines?
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Et tu, Southwest Airlines?

Hot news today is how Leisha Hailey (actress babe of "The L Word" who played journalist Alice Pieszeki -- and for those who remember, "All Over Me") and her girlfriend were kicked off for getting loud after they were being affectionate on the plane.

For crying out loud, Southwest Airlines, you hire the most flamingest homos I have ever seen on any one mainstream jet company, yet you’re going to discriminate against gays who pay for your services?

The flight attendant cited reasons of “family values” when she approached the ladies, who insist they weren’t getting crazy hot in the seats. Who knows, that’s all subjective -- alls I know is I’ve literally had sex on a plane seated next to a girlfriend and no one said a damn thing. So maybe United is the way to fly?

OK, kidding aside, it’s pretty obvious any passenger complaints logged in response to two women smooching in public occurred because of ignorance and intolerance. The Human Rights Campaign is sponsoring a project called Self Evident Truths, where photographer iO Tillett Wright is traveling around the country documenting the LGBTQ community, no matter where the individuals fall on the spectrum.

It’s not one of these queer fashion show/icon awareness arty things (though there is admittedly a bit of that in there) -- it’s a holistic project aimed at showcasing the depth, intelligence, levity and humanity of the queer community. This is accomplished through the simplicity of a portrait, with a bit of interviewing in there about equality.

I’m part of the campaign, so I’m clearly invested in this project, though I’ve been invested in equality for all since birth. My parents gave me the initials “ERA” on purpose. It wasn’t even a thing in my family when I came out as queer, it was simply “OK, that’s cool.”

I’m fortunate my family instilled values of feminism and tore down ideas of rank or privilege based on gender, race or orientation. With more awareness, we won’t have grown women getting kicked off planes, teenagers killing themselves, corrective rape or anything other than a level attitude that we all truly want the same things in life: happiness and acceptance.

Self-Evident Truths is accepting donations on Kickstarter to complete a West Coast tour and get started on an area that really needs it: the South. You can find out more about it here.