Come Hangout With Mandy And The Daily Dot To Talk About Sex (And Tech), Baby

Come hang out to talk about sex and more

Apr 17, 2014 at 11:30am | Leave a comment


Photo via Down/Facebook

Apps have changed the way we live and love, and the intersection between the virtual world of online dating and hookup apps is bleeding over into IRL more than ever. It's a confusing, terrifying, thrilling, hilarious space full of sexting, e-flirting, "ghosting," and everything in between. The sexification of the Web doesn't stop at social hookup apps though, which is where we step in.
Because folks at  The Daily Dot find it so interesting, they're hosting a hangout with some beautiful minds to talk about it some more! Molly McHugh will be moderating and joined be the Dot's own EJ Dickson and Kate Knibbs, as well as our very own Mandy Stadtmiller, the Verge's Kwame Opam, and the Next Web's Natt Garun.
If you have any questions, start tweeting them now, or leave them on the event page... which is right here! Join them later today so you all can talk about sex (and tech) baby. 
Reprinted with permission from The Daily Dot. Want more?