"You're such a pretty girl, you don't need to be doing that to yourself!" And I imagined the server's head popping like a tick.
Whoever said three times was a charm was high or delusional.
Thank you for letting me know you.

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Do I understand that by not having children I am giving up on one of the most profound relationships possible? Yes.
I’ve come up with a few tips for people who, like me, are religious/spiritual and would prefer to not make their non-religious/spiritual friends, family, and neighbors feel super awkward.
Because fat is viewed as inherently unworthy by a society that really needs to check its priorities, my dates and I have grown accustomed to evenings that involve being stared at on the train, in restaurants, and by neighbors.
childhood crushes
During gym class, playing dodgeball, Jeb would aim for my face or my butt or my stomach -- I was a pretty easy target. I would have stood still if he’d asked me to.

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I have the kind of depression that is really, really difficult for other people to deal with.
the frisky
I’m cognizant of the fact that Kale’s nine-month stint of unemployment never made us poor — just temporarily broke.
Forgiveness doesn't mean I have to remain in a relationship with her and allow her to keep hurting me.
I want my friends to have all the babies. ALL THE BABIES. Plus I can't wait to imprint on my friends' children and mold them in my image.

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dating advice
I told him everything I'd wanted to tell him for two years, but managed to twist it around so much it sounded like one friend giving another friend one epic pep talk that would put Dr. Phil to shame.
childhood crushes
“Gregory is GAY,” was frequently bellowed by other kids. “Not for you, I’m not,” he’d say, blowing a kiss to his heckler.

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It’s sort of like the lite version of cohabiting -- we get to play house, without the logistical tough stuff of actually doing so.
the style con
Guy sits next to you on the train, spreads his legs as far apart as you think could be humanly possible, and you’re suddenly squashed up against a glass panel or door with little room to breathe. And who said sorry? Probably you.
best friends
I used to worry that I'd be unwittingly ostracized from our little group because I didn't have or want children. Instead, our respect for each other has only strengthened.
cosmetic industry
One has to wonder if it’s possible to love inanimate objects too much.
These lazy weekend lie-ins will soon be a thing of the past, so enjoy them while you can.
couples counseling
“I think it's over.” He didn't argue. And like that we were in some sort of Woody Allen movie about breaking up in couple's therapy.
A boy said, "No girls allowed. Boys game only.” She looked back at me, smirked and stayed in line.
office parties
Protecting grown-up time may be the best thing you can do for your children.