YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: My New Friend Is Not Returning Texts

Should I ask her if she is not a big Texter? Should I feel like she is taking advantage?

Feb 26, 2014 at 6:30pm | Leave a comment

I live in a rural area that is a hopping vacation spot in the summer,  but desolate and quiet in the winter (I personally love it,  but anyway). Recently a new family moved into our neighborhood.  The husband and wife are the same age as me;  they also have four kids (like I do), who are similar in age to my children.  I was very excited when they moved in. I thought,  finally I will have a friend nearby in the winter months!  So we did the neighborly come-over-for-dinner thing and I mentioned to get that if she ever needed a baby sitter and I was available,  I would be glad to help her out.  I have helped her out with child care a couple of times, but now whenever I text her to just say Hi, see how she is,  suggest a coffee or a walk date,  she never responds.  But every single time she texts me it's to ask whether I can babysit for her. This is happening multiple times a week.
I want to give her the Benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps she's not a text-y person,  or that she is the kind of gal who only texts if she needs something important. (I have a relationship like this with my sister in law,  but it's fine, we get along great,  that is just how she functions.  But she will still call or drop by to say hello.)
Should I confront her about this?  Should I ask her if she is not a big Texter? Should I feel like she is taking advantage? Should I DTMFA? Please help.

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