I don't know how to deal with these people, how can I remove them from my life gracefully?

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Dear xoJaners, 
I have several sucky "friends"
I graduated university, got an apartment, a car, a very good job and ditched my toxic boyfriend of 5 years. I shouldn't be unhappy, but I am. Reason being I have several shitty absolutely awful friends ( we all became friends with them in university) I cannot shake them, I constantly let them get under my skin and rule my thoughts. I use the term "friends" loosely, these people mostly ignore me and pretend I don't exist until they are bored and decide to grace me with their presence.
These are all women, women who expect me to drop everything and do whatever they want, at whatever time they want. I live alone, I have no pets and not even a plant. Reason being is I took care of a man child for 5 years and now that I am single and free I do not want to HAVE to care for anything. So when they come barraging into my life with all their selfish needs its very disruptive and hard on the head. 
These awful women all make me feel shamed for not participating in activities, they all make me feel inadequate for not having a partner. One of them is getting married very soon, I am not attending her wedding. I am going on vacation a few days before her nuptials and am leaving the continent. She's being a huge fucktard about it. I sent her a gift, sent my apologies and she is still being an ice queen. When I couldn't make a last second thrown together Saturday brunch she refused to respond to my "sorry I can't make it" text. I really regret having said I am sorry, since I'm not sorry at all.
 I don't know how to deal with these people, how can I remove them from my life gracefully? Even they're Facebook posts are desperate cries for attention, I have them all hidden from my news feed but have so far been unable to bring myself to delete them.
 Sometimes I think maybe I'm the problem here, maybe I'm the bad friend for enjoying doing my own thing...I'm so mixed up.
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