YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: My Best Friend Is Hiding Something And I Know What It Is

Should I pretend not to know, or call her out on it?

Dec 3, 2013 at 6:30pm | Leave a comment

My best friend spent 9 months in a tumultuous relationship with a compulsive cheater and liar. I supported her through their (several) breakups and reconciliations. They finally called it quits for good (or so I thought) 3 months ago, and during THAT break-up, she was a mess – cried for weeks on end; required endless reassurance and support... which as a friend, I was happy to provide. Another friend let her stay with him for a week so she wouldn't have to be alone.
 Well, yesterday, my boyfriend saw her with her ex. Shopping and holding hands.  She pretended not to see my boyfriend.
 She hasn’t told anyone they are back together. Should I pretend not to know, or call her out on it? Am I even allowed to be mad or tell  her I'm disappointed, or should I just let her ride this out for the umpteenth time?

What would you do in this situation? Let her friend know? Just wait until your friend says something? Let our reader know in the comments below!

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