YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: How Do I Know If I Should Quit My Job?

I lucked into a job so close to home, only to be unhappy and soon 20 miles away.

May 9, 2014 at 6:30pm | Leave a comment

My new job is pretty good. I've been here for three months, I make good money for a 20-something with no college degree, and I am fully insured. But I am having a lot of problems that I'm not sure I can overlook any longer.
There was no one in my position before me, so I wasn't well trained. I strive to be the best, but no one in the office even knows what all of my duties are. I constantly feel inept, and speaking with my manager hasn't helped. I am an afterthought in the office; left out of emails and meetings, and even forgotten in the office for an extra half hour when everyone else was told to go home early. That happened twice. The office is also moving. A 7 minute drive will turn to 35, over a stretch of road that is notoriously dangerous, especially in winter.
I could move to the same city as the office when my lease is up next year, but that would only solve the gas/drive time issue. Would it be worth it for an office that undervalues it's support staff? I can't afford to be jobless, but finding full time work in the area is incredibly hard. I lucked into a job so close to home, only to be unhappy and soon 20 miles away. 
Should I stick it out and hope I find happiness and knowledge with time? Should I risk moving to a higher crime area to be closer to the job? Or would it be better if I look for greener pastures, even though they might not pay as well or have the same health benefits? I'm torn between 'the evil I know and the evil I don't know'.

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