YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Fix His Acne?

Is there a nice way to fix this?
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Is there a nice way to fix this?

I've been dating my boyfriend for almost a year now and we've been inseparable for even longer. The entire time I've known him, he has had pretty intense acne all over his face (but no where else). 

He doesn't usually use a facial wash of any kind, but when he has in the past his skin has always looked a little better, until the product runs out. 

I don't want to insult him because I think this is the one thing he is really insecure about, but I also want him to clear up his skin so that he doesn't end up with scarring forever and because I think he would be even better looking without acne! 

Is there any way I could bring this up or point him in the right direction without being a big jerk? 

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