YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: How Do I Deal With A Serious Wandering Eye?

I've been questioning whether or not this relationship is worth pursuing.

Sep 12, 2013 at 6:30pm | Leave a comment

I've been dating a man for about a month (I'm 27, he's 39) and it wasn't until the last week or two that he started looking at other women while he's with me. I know men look at women and that's TOTALLY FINE. What I don't think is fine are the 20 head turns during a 15-minute drive whenever there is a thin/attractive woman walking on the sidewalk. Or when we're having a conversation across from each other in a restaurant and his eyes continuously wander to other places where thin/attractive female patrons are walking by. It bothers me because I do believe it's rude to be so blatant about it all the time and shouldn't he know better/why doesn't he have any damn self-control? 
I'm aware that I have some self-confidence issues, but I try to stay mindful of that when it happens. However, because it happens so frequently, it feels like it's getting rubbed in my face every five minutes and it wears me down. I've only dated one guy like this before and it drove me crazy and it never stopped even after I expressed how it bothered me. Because of that, I've been questioning whether or not this relationship is worth pursuing. It is a huge turn-off. So my questions are: is this normal/acceptable behavior? How do I explain it to him in a way that that doesn't sound pathetic or controlling? Is this probably a lost cause?
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