YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: How Do I Convince My Teacher I'm Not Lying?

Do I back off so she doesn't get annoyed and grade the rest of my work poorly this semester?

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I am a college senior and one of my classes this last semester is online. We had a paper due three weeks ago that I wrote and then uploaded onto blackboard (online teaching site). Apparently it did not go through because I checked my grades this weekend and my professor gave me a zero for it. I emailed her to ask if she did not receive it before and apologized and attached the paper. Then she sent out a MASS email saying that the blogs we submit on the discussion will not be accepted late and people are emailing her apologies and excuses but she will not be responding to these emails. I then emailed her asking if that applied to my paper too because I have never been late with submitting blogs and apologized again but she only answered "It applies to all students". I understand professors have rules but I was completely honest about there being a technology mix up and she seems to be very very cold and not willing to budge. I would understand if this was a class where we met in person and handed in assignments too but we will never meet to talk because this is all online and I've never had a problem with submitting papers until this course. Do I send her the time stamp on the document to prove I did it before the assigned date? Or do I back off so she doesn't get annoyed and grade the rest of my work poorly this semester? 

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