YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: How Do I Come Out As Depressed To My Loved Ones?

My question is how can I tell people (i.e. my friends) about this?

Sep 24, 2013 at 6:33pm | Leave a comment

I've felt depressed for about the last four and a half years. I say felt because I've been too afraid to see a doctor so I haven't been diagnosed with anything. Actually up until about a year ago I hadn't said anything about what I was feeling to anyone. Since then I've talked a little about it with two of my friends.
My question is how can I tell people (i.e. my friends) about this? I'm now a point where I feel like I can't handle this myself and as I'm now 18 I'm looking into attending counselling. I really just want to get this all out in the open. But I don't know how to bring it up, how to phrase it or when to tell them. I feel like I shouldn't assume that it is important to them but it is important to me that they know.
Every time I've looked for help on this online the answers have always been nice but vague. I understand that "however you feel comfortable" is meant to be supportive but I just have no idea where to begin on this. Should I bring it up when I'm at a get together with them? Should I organise something specifically to tell them? Or is is better not to have a "coming out", but just to casually mention something about it in conversation?
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