I don't feel comfortable flat out firing them after the reveal of their injury.
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I don't feel comfortable flat out firing them after the reveal of their injury.

I've recently been promoted to manager at a small, independently run retail store. I love my job and the owner is amazing. He 100% trusts my judgment and has my back no matter what. He's a great boss, but runs the business remotely so I'm basically left in charge of all aspects of making the shop run smoothly. We recently hired a new person who was aware of the responsibilities from the get-go. These responsibilities include using our computer/register system  and all manners of customer service. 

The new hire has been with us four months, and has not mastered the required responsibilities whatsoever. I've had several conversations with them and I've felt like it has gone in one ear and out the other. I give constructive criticism, and 15 minutes later they are making the same mistakes. 

Recently this person has made so many mistakes, that it has negatively impacted the business. It has resulted in over 100$ in lost profits. I'm on my last nerve and had a very stern (but fair!) discussion and they started crying and revealed that they have suffered a brain injury resulting in short term memory loss among other things. 

This was news to me, and I'm a bit lost in  what I should do. My other employees are fed up dealing with the new hires mistakes and I cannot afford to lose money due to them either. 

Every time I've had talks with them, they cry and promise they'll change. I have listened to input from the new hire and have tried to make things easier. I'm trying to be sympathetic but I'm at the end of my rope. I feel that this person knew from the beginning what this job entails and could have alerted us to the fact that handling the required responsibilities would be an issue.  I don't feel comfortable flat out firing them after the reveal of their injury. 

Has anyone had any similar experience or relevant advice to give? Again this is an independently  owned shop, so no HR to turn to or laid out guidelines for this situation. 

What would you do? Fire? Help? Let our reader know in the comments below.

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