DRINKING AT THE OFFICE: It's Been a Long Week, I'm Riding Solo and Starting Early

Also, "Dogs at the Office?" Apparently I didn't get the memo about bringing pets to work.

May 25, 2012 at 1:30pm | Leave a comment

I have a confession to make and it's going to alienate me from 99.9% of other human beings: I don't love dogs. There I said it! Can I just be honest? When xoJane Managing Editor Corynne walked Ryer, her pitbull pup, into the office yesterday I let out a massive internal groan.

Dogs at the office may seem therapeutic, but they're really just a loud, farty distraction. Seriously, SAY Media employees seem to have their dogs on a strict diet of cruciferous vegetables and beans. 

For the record I can appreciate a cute canine; I'm just not a dog-lover per se. 

Anyway, the whole thing drove me to drink very early yesterday -- right around noon -- which makes this week's Drinking at the Office an Inappropriate at the Office as well.

Madeline was off in a meeting somewhere, so I tried this week's new bev, Belvedere Lemon Tea, on my own.

Happy Memorial Day weekend boothangs! Tell me what you're doing to celebrate in the comments. Or criticize my drinking habits. Whatever you want.

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