Open Thread: What Advice Would You Give College Graduates?

I keep giving a ton of advice lately to kids about to leave college. Can you help me?

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Graduation time, come on!

Hi. You just graduated college. Congratulations! Con-GRAD-ulations!

You want advice? I hear you. Well, my best advice is honestly here and here.

I also asked my co-workers, and here's what I got:

"If you want to get into the arts ALWAYS SAY YES. People are going to be like "Uh, do you want to come carry stuff on this shoot?" FUCK YEAH I DO. Always, even if you are not actively learning stuff, there is so much downtime on shoots and installations etc that you meet so many people and those people give you jobs. I worked mad jobs for free at first, assisting artists and photographers. After awhile I started getting paid. If you want to be a photographer, introduce yourself as a photographer. Or whatever you want to be. Never be like "uh im a hostess and i take photos sometimes" NOPE I'm a photographer. Here is my Vistaprint Business Card. When they call you to do a job you have never done before be like, yes of course my day-rate is $400 (You will probably get $250, but don't be cunty about it)." -- Olivia

"Get an internship in college and do an amazing job. If they love you, they'll probably do their best to find a position for you when you graduate. (I started working the Monday after my graduation at the company where I'd spent the semester interning.)" -- Daisy

"I have been sitting in on entry-level interviews lately and myyyyyyy goodness.

It is okay to have a personality! It's a good thing, really. If I interview another scared-to-death candidate, I will cry in sympathy for them. Personality helps me remember you." -- Marianne

What advice would you give? I'd love to be able to point college grads to this link so they could read all your awesome advice!


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