xoJane It Happened to Me Contest Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your It Happened to Me Contest submission. In order to be considered for the contest, please adhere to following guidelines:

1. Send your submission in a Word Document or Text Edit doc.

2. IHTM articles usually run between 1000-1500 words. Only articles which we decide to publish on xoJane.com will be considered for the prize. Articles can be written under your name, a surname, or anonymously.

3. If you are linking to other articles, websites, or photos within you article, please copy and paste the full URL into brackets directly after the text it should link to. If you are particluarly specific about how the link is included, feel free bold the desired link text.

4. Please include at least 1 image with your submission. Remember that your image name will come up in search so please name it something that won't indicate your identity if you are sumbitting anonymously. Images should be high resolution quality and at least 450x450 Please indicate where you would like to place the images in the text document using [brackets] with the file name and caption.

Please only use photos that you took or have permission to use. If your photos include other people, we need their written permission in order to publish the picture.

Please send your submissions to IHTM@xojane.com. Questions? Email Olivia@xojane.com. Thanks again and Good Luck!