xoJane Contributor Commenting Policy

As an xoJane contributor, we encourage you to comment. As a commenting contributor, you are representing xoJane in the comments section. We want to make the comments section a safe place for everyone, without restricting the discussion. In addition to our Community Commenting Policy, we ask all contributors to observe these additional guidelines as well: The comments section should spark healthy debate and we always encourage back and forth. Please be aware that your comments are perceived as a piece of content published on the site. Anything you write for xoJane, including comments, should follow all of the editorial guidelines.

  • As an xoJane contributor, your presence and relationship with commenters in the comments section presents a power differential -- you are published on the site and that means your words as a commenter have the potential to carry more weight. This differential is even greater if you are a regular contributor (or “character”) or a staffer.
  • If there is a name-calling troll, Men’s Rights Activist, or otherwise abusive commenter on your or someone else’s article, the process is to:
  1. Ignore the commenter and do not engage
  2. Flag the comment as INAPPROPRIATE in Disqus
  • Of course, there are still going to be rude comments, even if they are not abusive or trolling. We want you stand up for yourself (and each other!). In cases where commenters are being needlessly rude or attacking you or another writer, please alert us so we can keep an eye on the conversation.