flowers in the attic
Having a great time in the attic! Weather looks like it’s possibly beautiful! Wish you were here! Love, The Dollangangers
Because you know what, some of us like to sulk in the cabana and curse the bright glowing thing in the sky while we read.
Every time one of these op-eds is published, it serves as a reminder that children who experience hardship are freakish and weird, and that childhood should be a happy, unicorn and rainbow-filled place.
Hopefully these high fantasy picks will get you excited, whether you're buying presents for yourself or other people.
young adult fiction
We’re ready for gay YA. We’re screaming for it. We’re talking about it.
Google recently pressured popular site TV Tropes into removing all mentions of rape from its trope index. But that won't just make the trope go away.
I was in love with Rainbow Rowell the author, and now I'm besotted with Rainbow Rowell the person.
author interviews
"There's always someone in the room trying to explain the unexplainable. But if you've ever experienced something truly bizarre, something truly phenomenal, then even the rational explanation is unsatisfying."