Even though I love tomatoes and cottage cheese, tomatoes have weird jelly insides; cottage cheese has a pretty upsetting texture. I understand.
delicious delicious food
There's no easy answer for how we solve the problem of providing fresh and healthy food for those living close to the line and I wouldn’t dare be so egotistical to suggest I have the solutions. But each bit we try brings us closer to living healthier.
Nothing forms a stronger bond than sharing a mutually enjoyable meal, bonus points if there is an element of guilt involved.
The following items have ridiculously high profit margins and are a terrible value. I am often stupefied at the ridiculous cost of some of these items when you and I know what they cost to make yourself.
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Bacon has become a culinary crutch and it is inhibiting forward progress. Like sex, it will always sell, and as long as people are buying these mediocre gimmicks, no real innovation will occur.
Also: xoEditors reveal their Death Row menus. It's a really tasteful piece.

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national sandwich month
Some of them are weird, some of them are fancy, two of them involve potato chips.
coconut oil
Is the coconut a wonderful, delicious food delivered to us by god himself? Yes. Can coconut oil cure your genital herpes? Probably not.
PUT DOWN THAT BLUE BOX RIGHT NOW. Here's my go-to recipe for perfect, gooey, delicious homemade macaroni and cheese. (With a bonus gluten-free option that's just as amazing.)
What questions do you have about cooking or buying or preparing or hosting or going to Thanksgiving or how to set a table, or serve or wear? Ask away, because that’s what I’ll be answering over the next few weeks.
I swear if you sliced my last boyfriend open you’d find him to be 70% Del Taco, 20% gatorade and 15% frozen fish sticks. Also: he was bad at math.
In which Claire "Scientific Method" Lower tests Amanda "Throw it in the pot, it'll be fine" Blum's recipes for a weeks worth of healthy, easy lunches. Commentary ensues.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: If your sensibilities were at all offended by Pizza Hut’s Crazy Cheese Crust Taste Explosion, turn back now. This is way more upsetting than that.
We all know by now that the easiest way to wow and seduce is to whip up something people never fathomed one could make.
I dip popcorn in soy sauce. My favorite foods are olives, pickles and cured meats. Without sodium chloride, I would start killing everyone.
Unless you are growing all of your own food, you are probably consuming stuff you'd rather not know about.
America is playing a weird game of culinary chicken with itself, creating junk/comfort food hybrids like mac and cheese filled meatloaf.

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ramen burger
I am prouder of this creation than I have ever been of any other thing I have ever created.
No self respecting foodie would be caught admitting to not brining their bird. Well, its a pain in my ass. So I’m going to just tell you: I’m not brining the f*#!1n9 bird this year. Because: SCIENCE.

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For some reason, it never occurred to me that I could simply make all of my Southern favorites myself. These were always things that were made for me, as an act of love.