I, like millions and millions of other English speakers both native and non, can generally understand words and phrases that haven't come out of a grammar textbook.
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I generally champion the preservation of cursive but it should never be a weapon used to dismiss people.

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I pretended it didn’t bother me that he was traveling around the country on a national book tour while I sat home, proofing press releases and posting his TV and radio links on Facebook.
Erica Jong recently commented on the phenomenon of not paying writers for content, which she seems to think is getting worse. "Authors are blogging everywhere for free,” she said, “and it’s not a good development. They are starving.”

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I was so proud to get my first nationally published piece in my favorite magazine, but so bummed that it wouldn't have my byline.
I really DO love the idea of setting time aside to write everyday. However, like most people, there are certain other things I have to do, like going to work and reading Internet comments.

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writing the other
Earlier this month I had the honor to teach at a week-long Writing the Other workshop and retreat. It was great.
reality shows
And believe me, they're not glamorous. They're also not "real."
So you registered a Tumblr and Twitter with your unique handle? Great. Let's keep building your empire.

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At least there was no Willow/Madmartigan erotica in this one. God knows where that ended up.
We always concentrate on being better people right at the beginning of the year. What about now?
my brown baby
I’m certainly not immune to the darts and foolery that come my way. It hurts sometimes.
being alone
Eating Brussels sprouts alone and listening to Adele is not the healthiest thing.
The MacBook is dead; long live the MacBook.

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Although I had kind of become numb to what I was writing about, I was still aware that other people would be at least a little shocked. Abortion. Gangbang. Orgy. These are words that get people’s attention.

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In a burst of frustration with my failed literary endeavors, I wrote the most commercial, basic-bitch book I could -- but I didn’t think I’d actually enjoy it.
When you read glowing write-ups of sexy couples destinations, it's quite likely that said reviews were quite likely written by a single, bitter potentially slightly jaded travel writer. Like me.
I'm a confirmed extrovert who desperately needs some tips on becoming an introvert for the sake of my sanity (and everyone else's).
Whenever people ask for advice before writing something for xoJane, here is what I tell them.

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We are sick of hearing about your breakups!