When you start working from home, it's tempting to live exclusively in pajamas, but I've found lots of ways not to waste my office-appropriate pieces of clothing.
do this don't
Something happened when I started dressing like a fully functioning human again: my productivity increased, and I felt more professional.
your outfits of the week
This one is about me because we are not in the office this week and I've spent the past five days alone.
It's comforting to come how to your partner after a long day of work and complain to your partner about what a douchenugget your cubemate is? But what if your partner IS your cubemate?
It's not easy, but it IS possible to work from home successfully -- even if you're a depressed, reclusive sort -- without wanting to stab yourself in the eyeballs.
eating lunch at desk
Working at home means it takes a redonk amount of effort for me to do things like ever wear pants, or stop inventing languages shared by only me and my cats. Also, eating.
But I really do miss being able to fart whenever I feel like it.
It's hot as balls, and I made up a classy drink that can be made with or without alcohol. Think "if Miss Hannigan from 'Annie' went on a tropical vacation."
slacking off
Plus, a SHOCKING CONFESSION as to what I'm really doing during staff meetings.
My great grandma used to slaughter her own chickens. I complain about the effort it takes to put vegetables in a bowl with some dressing.
I'm now a stay-at-home mom to a squealing, pants-pooping little freelance career.
I tried to write something about my new workspace, but it turned into a rumination on September 11 and our changed national culture. I don't know why this surprises me.

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