My office has just launched a brand new weight loss incentive. While participation is not mandatory (thank god), its presence has made a discernible impact around the office.
After nearly seven years of living strictly within this budget, the Sappers have accumulated $50,000 in emergency savings, maxed out their IRAs each year, paid off their house and hit other key financial milestones.
It can feel gross to celebrate your success when so many people are out of work. But we need to celebrate our accomplishments. And we need to not feel bad about living the way we want to live.
I've worked for at least 13 different companies during my 20-year work history and the most I've ever given an employer is nearly five years of service. I actually impressed myself with that one because my average cutoff for professional positions is two years before I'm disgruntled and crafting a well-written resignation letter.

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“Someone has come to me,” my boss said, “And they’ve got some complaints about what you’ve been doing with your face and your hair.”

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How to create a professional work wardrobe out of the awful clothes you bought while you were in college -- or unemployed on your parents’ sofa.
A good Work Flirt is agreeable and energetic and does whatever it takes to project ease and to foster comfort. I was in control, right?
I'm a huge advocate of women talking about money -- and their salaries specifically -- loudly and publicly as a means of fighting the gender wage gap.

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I want to make my own money and be professionally fulfilled, but something in my brain won't let me.
Working moms, stay-at-home moms -- I think we’re all pretty hard on ourselves and are often questioning whether we’re doing the right thing.
body talk
Food (and alcohol) are often problematic parts of office culture, especially if you have any kind of issue with them.
Know what I used to do for a lot of the day? Google people I was jealous of and hate myself. And then: repeat.
Why would they include this on a report to the department of labor, in what is sure to remain a permanent and possibly public record? I believe they intend to use it to shame me into withdrawing my claim for benefits.

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Like with all buzz-killing life truths, there comes a time to realize that you are not a 24-year-old editorial assistant anymore.

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Yes, I was born after 1980. No, that doesn't mean you have me figured out. Tired of the run-of-the-mill (and often condescending) Millennial stories written by Baby Boomer editorial staffs, I decided to write my own.
behind the scenes
I actually was being considered for a full time sex editor job. Can you imagine?!

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Isn't there always that ONE person at work who everybody adores and you just can't?
Forget "crying at work," try totally losing your mind on your co-workers!

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No job is perfect. And if we're being honest, sometimes I daydream about my former paycheck.
mental health
Would they fire me? Would they judge me? Do they think I'm just making excuses? Was this a mistake?
Nothing like being up to your elbows in Bully Sticks to give you some perspective on life.

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